Friday, May 3, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Billions at Stake as Voters Head to Polls

Voters head to the polls Saturday throughout Texas to weigh in on bond and tax proposals and choose local officials. Early voting ended Tuesday.

A total of $17.4 billion in proposed bonds are on local ballots, with $10.4 billion being requested by school districts. A Houston municipal utility district is asking for more than $1 billion in bond debt, but only two voters participated in its last election in 2022.

For the first time this year, Texans in counties with over 75,000 residents will get to select three additional appraisal review board members due to last year’s voter-approved property tax overhaul.

For more information, the Secretary of State website allows voters to double-check if they’re registered and polling place locations. Click here to visit it.

Article Icon 1Paxton Sues to Block New Gun Rule

Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the Biden administration to block a new federal rule requiring background checks for private gun sales.

The proposed policy would require people who sell guns primarily for profit to register as licensed dealers, requiring them to do background checks on prospective buyers.

Paxton believes the rule is too broad, illegally circumvents Congress, and violates the Constitution.The war on Second Amendment rights must be stopped. My message to Biden is ‘Come and Take It.’” 

Article Icon 1Three Texas Cities Most “Dog-Obsessed”

Three Texas cities rank as the top “dog-obsessed” cities in the U.S., according to data compiled by Zillow and BarkBox.

Dallas tops the list, followed by Austin and San Antonio. Labs, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds are the most popular breeds in these cities.

The study determined the rankings by measuring the number of pet-friendly rentals and BarkBox subscriptions for dog toys and treats.

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Around Texas

Southeast Texas: Road closures and evacuation orders are affecting residents along the Trinity and San Jacinto Rivers as heavy rains continue to pound the region. (See details and photos)

Pyote: Around 20 train cars derailed Wednesday afternoon about 50 miles west of Odessa. No injuries were reported, but Union Pacific, state police, and the county sheriff are investigating the incident. (Video)

Sherman: Superintendent Dr. Tyson Bennett resigned Wednesday after being suspended in March for his role in removing a transgender student from a school play. (More)

➤ San Antonio: The Department of Defense put $17 million into funding a study on combat-related traumatic brain injuries and PTSD through UT’s Health Science Center at San Antonio. (See details)

➤ Buda: A popular BBQ joint is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Labor amid complaints about unpaid wages. With $91,000 in outstanding rent, Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ’s new 6,000-square-foot store is currently closed. (More)

Texas Sports

The Mavericks and Stars both won Wednesday to take the lead in their respective NBA and NFL playoff rounds. Each team can clinch its series with a win tonight. (More)

➤ Texas jockey Keith Asmussen, 25, is competing in his first Kentucky Derby Saturday, riding atop Just Steel, the offspring of 2018 Derby winner and Triple Crown holder Justify. (See details)

➤ USA Softball named UT catcher Reese Atwood as a top-25 finalist for its player of the year. Atwood is batting .415 and broke the team’s single-season RBI record last weekend with 70. (More)

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The Business Of Texas

➤ Houston-based Exxon Mobil received approval from the Federal Trade Commission to acquire Pioneer Natural Resources in a deal worth nearly $60 billion. The agreement will bar Pioneer’s former CEO from joining Exxon’s board. (More)

Arlington-based Six Flags is revamping its operations by adding artificial intelligence to the customer experience, providing an interactive map, live ride wait times, and a new digital wallet. (See details)

➤ A 92-year-old trucking company based in Grand Prairie filed for bankruptcy last month, laying off 157 Texas workers without notice. Arnold Transportation is a division of Pride Group Logistics, a Canadian company that owes its creditors $637 million. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ A Grand Prairie postal carrier drove nearly 400 miles on his own time to deliver lost World War II letters to the sister of a soldier who mailed the letters 80 years ago. (See Video)

➤ A Dallas man is selling four pairs of solar eclipse glasses on eBay, but the price might make you blink twice. A new, unused pair is listed for $3,000, and he wants $4,000 for “the pair that witnessed the historical event,” meaning they’re used. (More)

➤ A rare white bison was born at Wagon Springs Ranch in Burnet, considered a good omen and sacred to some Native American communities. The calf’s parents were both blonde bison. (See Video)

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    4. New York Strip: 8.7%
    5. Porterhouse: 8.5%
    6. Sirloin: 8.5%
    7. I don’t eat steak: 6.7%
    8. Other:  4.6%
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