Monday, April 1, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Water Shortage in Texas

Texas is currently facing a water crisis in its central and southern regions. Lawmakers have urged Governor Greg Abbott to declare a disaster in response to water shortages in the Rio Grande Valley, which are impacting the agricultural industry. 

State officials have called for Abbott to hold the Biden administration accountable to a 1944 treaty between the U.S. and Mexico. Under the agreement, Mexico is supposed to provide America with 1.75 million acre-feet of water every five years. However, only 382,000 acre-feet have been sent for this cycle.

The state’s only sugar mill was forced to shut down in February due to an inadequate supply of water needed to maintain operations. The 50-year-old business’ closure resulted in over 500 jobs lost and a $300M hit to the region’s economy. 

Article Icon 1 Paxton Investigates Boeing Supplier

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton began investigating a key Boeing supplier named Spirit AeroSystems in light of recent scrutiny over faulty 737 parts. While the supplier is based in Kansas, it has facilities in Dallas.

Paxton has demanded the supplier hand over documents regarding their product’s critical defects. The AG is also investigating the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion policy to determine if it compromised manufacturing standards.

In early March, an FAA audit found that Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems failed to uphold quality control standards. The federal audit did not include the ‘DEI’ element in its investigation.

Article Icon 1 Top 12 Scenic Drives in Texas

If you value the journey more than the destination, consider these top 12 scenic drives in Texas. See the complete list here.

Though not the longest, Willow City Loop is one of the prettiest routes in the state. On this road, you’ll venture through vineyards, rolling hills, and colorful wildflowers.

For those wishing to cruise in the western frontier, the Canyon Sweep route is for you. As the name suggests, this drive will take you along the vistas of Caprock and Palo Duro Canyon State Parks.

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Around Texas

➤ Pampa: The Texas House Wildfire Investigative Committee is scheduled to hold public hearings from April 2-4. The committee is expected to hear testimonies on how the fires began and the method by which various agencies responded. (Video)

➤ Bastrop: Local authorities have arrested the cement truck driver who allegedly drove into a school bus, injuring 53 and killing two on March 22. The accused has been charged with criminally negligent homicide and is currently awaiting trial. (Get the Details)

➤ Houston: Inspectors for the Environmental Protection Agency have recently identified forty-one chemical contaminants in soil and groundwater sources near the city’s Fifth Ward. This comes after the city council approved $5M to help relocate affected residents. (Watch the Coverage)

➤ Fort Worth: Employees at Molson Coors Brewery are continuing their strike after their union rejected the company’s proposed $.05 hourly pay increase. More than 400 workers have been on strike for over two months, demanding better pay and benefits. (Video)

San Antonio: The city’s Parks and Recreation Department recently garnered four state awards at the Texas Recreation and Park Society annual banquet in Galveston. The accolades focused on outstanding park management, innovative recreation programs, and immersive cultural activities. (Read More)

Texas Sports

The Texas Rangers received their World Series championship rings on Saturday before their matchup with the Cubs. The rings each feature 103 blue sapphires—one for every regular season win in 2023—as well as their post-season road record, 11-0. (More

NFL receiver Rashee Rice is currently wanted by Dallas police after a multi-car hit-and-run occurred in the city involving a Lamborghini registered to his name. The former SMU Mustang grew up in Dallas and currently plays for the Super Bowl-champion Chiefs. (More

➤ Texas A&M baseball swept the #21 ranked Auburn Tigers this weekend, continuing their blistering start to the season. The Aggies are now 25-3 on the year, including an outstanding 20-1 home record. (More

The Business Of Texas

Austin: Boat captains on Lake Travis are noticing a decline in business due to the lake’s historically low water levels. The lake is currently about 38 feet below its historical average and only at about 38% of total capacity. (More

DFW: A California middle schooler wrote a letter to a small vinyl shop in North Texas as part of a research project. Eventually, her school ended up with a $3,000 donation in her name. Click to see how it all went down. (More

➤ Consumers in East Texas are fed up with “tipflation,” or the expanding number of industries that require tipping. According to Pew Research, 72% of Americans believe tipping is expected more than it was five years ago. (More

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Et Cetera

Lockhart: Employees for First National Bank were surprised to see a deer crashing through one of the building’s windows. After 20 minutes of mayhem, animal control and police were able to lead the animal out of the bank. (Video

Texas Health Hospitals used the Easter holiday to showcase an adorable lineup of NICU babies, all dressed up in cute Easter outfits. The families of said babies also received personalized care packages that celebrate the newborn’s life milestone. (See the Photos

A Waco man is suing a woman for defrauding him out of $50,000 after she posed as a psychic medium, convincing the 66-year-old man that she could free his late father’s spirit from purgatory. The trial jury selection is scheduled for today. (More

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