Thursday, May 16, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1HISD Superintendent Called To Resign

Houston ISD Superintendent Mike Miles is facing allegations he funneled taxpayer dollars to charter schools in Colorado.

According to a Spectrum News report published Monday, Miles diverted millions of Texas education dollars to schools in Colorado affiliated with a charter school network he founded. Miles has denied the allegations, calling the report “irresponsibly inaccurate.”

Miles now faces calls for his resignation from local and state teachers unions. The president of the Houston Teachers Federation says federal criminal charges are warranted.

Houston ISD has been under state management since last year, when the Texas Education Agency appointed Miles to oversee the district after years of poor performance and allegations of misconduct against several school board members.

Article Icon 1Dallas Police To Begin Using AI

The Dallas Police Department will begin using artificial intelligence to identify crime suspects, Police Chief Eddie Garcia revealed during a discussion with city council members Monday.

The program will use facial recognition software provided by Clearview AI, which boasts the largest law enforcement database in the world, with more than 40 billion public photos from the internet. The three-year contract costs $89,000 and is funded through a grant.

Officials assured council members the technology will only be used to investigate crimes, not identify people at protests or religious gatherings.

“This is not a license plate reader for humans. We have to have a criminal offense before we start doing things.”

Article Icon 1Barge Crash Closes Pelican Island Bridge

A fuel barge struck the bridge connecting Pelican Island to Galveston on Wednesday morning, causing an oil spill and a partial collapse.

No traffic is being allowed on the bridge, forcing those on the island to use a ferry to get to the mainland.

Officials say the barge lost control during high tide. Debris from the bridge fell onto the barge, and a worker was rescued unharmed after falling into the water.

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Around Texas

➤ College Station: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is investigating a fire that destroyed a Krispy Kreme early Monday morning. According to reports, accelerants and several racist messages were found in the rubble. (See Photos)

Austin: A $5 billion plan to expand I-35 is moving forward after officials rejected a proposal from Austin city council members to wait for the results of ongoing environmental studies. (See Video)

Amarillo: Several Panhandle communities are purchasing over 100 license plate readers to combat auto theft after receiving a $522,000 grant from the state’s Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority. (See Video)

Galveston: A federal appeals court heard arguments Tuesday on claims that Galveston County commissioners discriminated against minority voters when they redrew districts in 2021. The Supreme Court previously declined to intervene in the case. (See Details)

Temple: Last month’s deadly accident on Highway 36 involving a 343,000-pound load that fell off a trailer was caused by the driver of an F-150, who was “either distracted or inattentive” when he drove past escort vehicles and into the path of the truck pulling the oversized load. (See Details)

San Antonio: A small plane ended up on a residential street after its brakes failed, causing it to crash through a fence after landing at a private airport. No one was injured, but the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident. (See Video)

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Texas Sports

➤ UT’s Reese Atwood is one of 10 finalists for Softball Collegiate Player of the Year. The University of Texas catcher leads the Big 12 in total bases (149), slugging percentage (0.909), RBIs (86), and home runs (22). (More)

➤ Houston Astros pitcher Ronel Blanco was ejected from Tuesday’s game against the Athletics for having “the stickiest” glove first base umpire Erich Bacchus said he had ever seen. Ronel threw the season’s first no-hitter last month and faces a possible 10-game suspension. (See Details)

The men’s golf teams for Texas Tech, UT, Texas A&M, and SMU are advancing to the national championship tournament later this month after strong play in regional contests that ended Wednesday. (See Results)

Yesterday’s results: MLB | NBA | NHL | WNBA

The Business Of Texas

➤ Mercedes-Benz is installing high-powered electric vehicle chargers at Buc-ee’s stores throughout Texas, starting in DFW. The 400-kilowatt chargers feature a universal design and can boost some EVs from a 10% charge to 80% in 20 minutes. (See Details)

A Houston-based vinyl window manufacturer is closing its Carrollton plant, laying off about half of the facility’s 260 employees. Westlake Royal Building Products operates at least nine plants in Texas, and its parent company had revenue of $12.5 billion last year. (More)

An 11-story office building designed by famed architect I.M. Pei is for sale in Houston’s Galleria district. Built in 1980, the 285,000-square-foot office building was once the headquarters of the company that operated now-defunct department stores Bealls, Peebles, and Goody’s. (See Photos)

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Et Cetera

San Antonio twins Charlie and Michael Weiner were named this year’s valedictorian and salutatorian of Clark High School’s graduating class. The two brothers both plan to attend the University of Texas. (See Photo)

Two bald eaglets, born to parents that have struggled to find a nest in Dallas, have been spotted near White Rock Lake. Officials put a fence around the nest and halted activities at a nearby athletic complex to protect the iconic birds. (See Video)

A San Antonio veteran who found a University of Pennsylvania class ring while serving in Germany over 50 years ago enlisted a local TV reporter to help finally return the ring to the son of the original owner. (See Video)

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How do you like to cool off when it’s hot?

    1. Go swimming: 18.0%
    2. Crank the AC: 28.9%
    3. Have a cold drink: 16.9%
    4. Take a drive with the windows down: 7.7%
    5. Take a cold shower/bath: 8.6%
    6. I like the heat: 11.8%
    7. Other: 8.1%
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