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The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Tensions Rise Over Drowned Migrants

The drowning of three migrants in the Rio Grande over the weekend has escalated tensions between Texas and the federal government.

Federal officials accused Texas National Guard soldiers of blocking Border Patrol agents from attempting to rescue the migrants—a charge that Texas authorities deny.

The Texas Military Department stated that it was “wholly inaccurate” to claim that state personnel prevented Border Patrol from rescuing drowning migrants. State security personnel stated they never observed any distressed migrants, nor did they turn back any illegal immigrants during that period.

Article Icon 1 Texans Asked to Conserve Energy

As history repeats itself, The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has once again urged Texans to conserve electricity due to a strain on the state’s power supply caused by the cold weather.

If the situation deteriorates, ERCOT may implement emergency operations, such as rolling blackouts.

The requests for energy conservation have frustrated Texan residents, many of whom are still unhappy with the state’s power grid failure of 2021.

Article Icon 1 Top 15 Texas Cities to Retire in

If you’re tired of the constant grind and ready to cash in that retirement fund, check out these Top 15 Texas Cities to retire in.

In the Large City category, Houston takes first place. Although it has the largest population in the state, its median home price is one of the lowest in Texas at $265,000.

If you prefer to spend your sunset years in a small city, then you might consider Kemah and its beaches on Galveston Bay.

Check out the mapped locations of all ranked cities here.

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Around Texas

Amarillo: Police arrested nine people in an anti-gang operation, resulting in the seizure of guns, fentanyl, cocaine, and marijuana. The initiative involved over 28 traffic stops and three search warrants, reflecting a concerted effort to combat gang influence in Amarillo. (More)

➤ A San Angelo resident is seeking to remove all City Council members for “habitual subversion of the City Charter”. He claims that San Angelo isn’t being run by a council, but by a single individual, which violates state law. (More)


Port Arthur: Four ports in southeast Texas will receive $66 million as part of a $240 million grant from the Texas Transportation Commission. Port officials say the investment will create new jobs in the area. (More)

Corpus Christi: The Texas State Aquarium wants Coastal Bend residents to watch out for sea turtles stranded due to the cold weather. If one is found, call the turtle hotline at 1-866-TURTLE5. (MoreEditor’s note: I called this number to make sure it’s real—couldn’t resist. It is, in fact, the turtle hotline.


Austin: Close to 100 flights have been canceled or delayed at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, due to the ongoing polar vortex. (See Live Airport Schedule)

Hearne: A WWII-themed escape room, called Das Kaserne Prisoner-of-War Experience, recently opened to the public. Visitors can take on the role of a historical prisoner, trying to escape a historical P.O.W. camp. (Video)


Longview: Interstate 20 has turned into a “sheet of ice,” and officials are asking people to avoid driving on any Longview roads for now. Over twenty crashes have happened on the interstate since the ice formed. (More)

The Cooper High School women’s basketball team ended a 27-game winning streak within the district, losing 45-41 to Alba-Golden. (More)


➤  Dallas residents woke up to snow yesterday, and icy roads made for dangerous commutes. Several school districts are considering closing schools; you can check for updates here.

Grand Prarie: Comedian Katt Williams added another Dallas stop to his tour after his viral interview on Club Shay Shay, a podcast hosted by retired NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe. Williams ranted about Hollywood and the comedy industry, and the video has over 45 million views. Tickets are available for March 7th, for now. (Box office)


A Houston man allegedly shot his brother and his brother’s fiance because he believed they were using witchcraft to harm him. Both victims were critically injured, but they’re expected to survive. (Watch Sheriff’s Statement)

Missouri City: A United States Postal Service facility is being turned into a local processing center for Houston, and the transition has created massive delivery delays for Houston residents. Tracking codes for long-delayed packages, like Christmas presents and at least one Houstonian’s wedding dress, all point to a bottleneck in Missouri City. (More)

Texas Sports

 Cowboys legend Michael Irvin went on an angry rant after the game on Sunday, calling for the organization to clean house. (Video)

Blake Carr, quarterback for the Clyde Bulldogs, won the Texas High School Football Class 3A Player of the Year. He finished the season with over 2,600 passing yards and 56 combined touchdowns, and he’s committed to play at Pittsburgh State in Kansas next year. (More)

➤ The Clements High School basketball squad is 22-0, and they’ve reached #9 in the state coaches poll. The Rangers have eight regular season games left, and coach Van Price calls the team “a special group.” (More)

The Business Of Texas

➤ Despite the 25% vacancy rate for office space in the Houston region, real estate firm Midway is developing a 19-story office building in CityCentre. An unnamed client has signed a lease for the majority of the future building’s square footage. (More)

An agreement between media company Tegna and DirectTV means that Houston’s CBS affiliate is back online for DirectTV customers. The deal got done just in time for the NFL playoff game between the Texans and the Browns. (More)

➤ Ten Texas ranch owners have been listed among the top 100 landowners in the United States. At 560,000 acres, W.T. Waggoner is the largest property listed in the state, owned by billionaire Stan Kroenke. (Full List)

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Et Cetera

Padre Island: A Sandbar shark was recaptured nearly a decade after it was first caught & tagged. The shark, initially measuring 5 feet, was measured at 7 feet after its latest reel-in. (More)

➤ Whataburger to the rescue! Aside from making delicious burgers, their styrofoam cups can also protect exposed pipes from the cold. (Video)

The Polling Station

 What is the best truck for winter weather?

  1. Ford F-150
  2. Ram 1500
  3. Silverado 1500
  4. Toyota Tundra
  5. GMC Sierra 1500
  6. Other

Monday’s Results:

What’s the best food for a cold day?

  1. Chili: 49.6%
  2. Beef Stew: 23.2%
  3. Other: 9.6%
  4. Meat & Potatoes: 9.4%
  5. Hot Sandwiches: 8.2%
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What tribal nations controlled Texas prior to Spanish discovery?

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