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The Roundup

Article Icon 1 The Aggie Bonfire Could Blaze Again

The Texas A&M bonfire, a tradition that ended in 1999 when a collapse tragically 12 killed students, may be coming back to campus this year. 

The Board of Regents is considering reigniting the bonfire tradition after an A&M committee proposed bringing it back to campus. The committee has sent letters to families of the bonfire victims seeking their input.

If the proposal is approved, the university will use professional contractors rather than students to build the bonfire. A&M President Mark Welsh is expected to make a decision in May.

Article Icon 1 Seniors Lose State Medicare Coverage

Hundreds of Texas seniors were dropped from the state’s Medicare Savings Program due to a mistake by the state’s Health and Human Services Commission.

Commission officials admitted they accidentally removed 350 participants from the Medicare program, resulting in $200 being deducted from monthly social security checks. Officials say they’re fixing the problem.

This comes after a similar mistake was made a year earlier when 100K Texans were removed from Medicaid after the federal government changed its COVID policies protecting individuals from losing health insurance.

Article Icon 1 Texas Lawyers Sue AT&T

Texas law firms have filed over ten class-action lawsuits against Dallas-based AT&T—following a data breach in March that comprimised the personal data for more than 70 million current and former users.

Lawyers claim the data breach created financial and emotional turmoil for their clients, who are demanding financial compensation for the mistake.

One such lawsuit is being led by the firm Morgan & Morgan. Their lawyers argue that AT&T knew about vulnerabilities in their systems but did not act quickly enough to address them.

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These symptoms point to circulation issues causing blood & fluid to pool in the tissue around your feet and ankles…

And could result in serious clots or devastating cardiac events.

Fortunately, Swiss doctors found that seniors with high levels of a “hidden” antarctic nutrient had significantly lowered blood-flow risks.

This nutrient has been scientifically proven to:

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Around Texas

➤ Dallas: The high-speed bullet train project linking DFW to Houston has moved into its federal analysis phase. The Federal Transit Administration will determine if the project meets environmental standards. (See the Details)

 Houston: City officials showcased their Transportation Improvement Plan, which will use $405 million in state and federal funds to complete major roadway projects across eight counties, including a $40 million road widening for Hwy 69. (See the Projects)

➤ El Paso: City Council members will vote on a measure to re-purpose Bonham Elementary School. If approved, the $24.6 million project would transform the school into a 27,000-square-foot regional police command center. (More)

➤ Port Arthur: City officials told a U.S. House Energy and Commerce subcommittee that the federal pause on liquified natural gas exports could hurt economic growth for the city. (More)

➤ Burnet: Over 30,000 people were left disappointed after the Texas Eclipse Festival had to cancel due to severe weather. The event organizers are expected to offer refunds. (Watch the Coverage)

➤ East Texas residents were left without power in eleven counties after severe weather blanketed the region. Utility providers are urging residents to report downed power lines to the authorities. (See the Counties)

Texas Sports

➤ Houston Astros rookie pitcher Blair Henley had a disastrous MLB one-inning debut, giving up five runs on four singles, three walks, and one batter hit with a pitch before being pulled. The Astros still won 10-5 over the Rangers. (Get the Scoop)

➤ The Dallas Stars moved one step closer to a division title with a 7-4 win against the Colorado Avalanche, moving their record to 49-20-9. (Watch the Highlights)

➤ No. 4 Texas softball upset No. 1 Oklahoma in a dramatic 2-1 victory that ended with an Oklahoma runner thrown out at home plate. The umpire had to review the tag to confirm the play. (See the Stats)

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The Business Of Texas

Medusa Ransomware Group hackers took credit for the cyberattack on Tarrant County’s Appraisal District system. The group says it will keep control of the district’s data if a $100,000 ransom isn’t paid. (Learn More)

➤ Southwest Airlines captured eclipse photos on their ‘Solarbration’ flight, which provided prime viewing of the rare event. The in-flight experience took passengers along the path of totality from Dallas to Pittsburgh. (See Photos)

➤ Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners is one step closer to completing the nation’s largest offshore oil terminal after receiving a federal ‘deepwater port license’ from the U.S. Maritime Administration. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ A Texas eclipse flight was the setting for a New York man to propose to his girlfriend. Once Delta’s ‘path-of-totality’ flight left Austin and got in view of the eclipse, he popped the question, and she said yes. (Video)

➤ San Marcos: Texas State University is saddling up to be the first university in Texas with a mounted horse patrol. The university’s police department is using Belgian horses to help officers reach parts of campus that cars can’t access. (Watch the Video)

➤ Mansfield: A baby girl born during the eclipse was aptly named Sol by her mother. The six-pound baby joins her four-year-old sister, named Luna. (See the Photos)

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