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The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Texas Invests $15.4 Million in Defense Projects

Governor Greg Abbott has committed $15.4 million in grants for infrastructure projects to bolster military installations across Texas.

Fort Cavazos, (formerly known as Fort Hood), located in the city of Harker Heights, was awarded $5 million for the Railhead Energy Resilience project. The funding will transform one of the six locomotive engines (in trains used to transport cargo between bases) from diesel to electric power propulsion.

The 15 primary military bases located in Texas contribute over $114 billion to the state’s economy and sustain more than 622,000 jobs, both directly and indirectly.

For the fiscal year of 2024-2025, six military bases will receive grant funding. (See list)

Article Icon 1Walmart to Roll Out Drone Delivery in DFW

Walmart plans to introduce drone delivery to 75% of Dallas-Fort Worth by year’s end, reaching 1.8 million households within a 30-minute delivery window. Drone service providers Wing and Zipline will help Walmart cover the majority of DFW. So far, Walmart has successfully carried out over 20,000 drone deliveries.

Walmart is collaborating with the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure it can reach the maximum number of households, without disrupting air travel from two major U.S. airports and several smaller airfields in North Texas.

To see if your address is eligible for Walmart’s drone delivery service, visit Wing and Zipline websites.

Article Icon 1 Texas Says 100,000 Migrants Sent to Other Cities

Gov. Abbott announced Tuesday that the state has now sent over 100,000 migrants to “sanctuary” cities across the United States since he started a program over 18 months ago to “relieve overwhelmed border towns.”

The practice has drawn criticism from the northern cities receiving the migrants, whether by bus or plane, including New York, Chicago, Denver, and Philadelphia. Mayors there have labeled it a political stunt, but it has caused them to push the Biden administration for help.

“Until Biden reverses course on his open border policies, Texas will continue transporting migrants to these cities,Abbott said.

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The Flyover

The moment you see fire in your kitchen is a bad time to decide how you’ll deal with it.

If you’re dealing with an electrical fire, but you use a foam-based fire extinguisher, you’ll actually spark massive flames that can quickly electrocute you — or even explode.

If you’ve had a kitchen mishap and are dealing with a grease fire, and you use a water-based fire extinguisher, you’ll cause the flaming oil to splash and spread like napalm.

Instead of determining the type of fire and fumbling around with a heavy extinguisher (that you hope isn’t expired), you could have an all-in-one, lightweight, no-thinking-required solution standing by.

Just grab your can of StaySafe, aim at the base of the fire, and shoot.

Watch how it works

Around Texas

Abilene: A new trial in the 2021 “toolbox murder” case began Monday in Taylor County. Roger Wilson is the 3rd defendant accused of kidnapping Priscilla Limon and dumping her body in a toolbox in Lake Fort Phantom. (More)

The city of Midland experienced a 4.7% increase in employment, the sixth-highest growth rate nationwide. At the state level, it has the lowest unemployment rate at 2.2%. Oil & gas provides the most jobs, followed by education and health care. (More)


McAllen: After years of delay, a former police sergeant pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor for grabbing a handcuffed 19-year old by the shoulders and kneeing him in the groin. Sentencing is scheduled for April 17. (See Video)

The San Antonio Zoo is reintroducing flying foxes, an endangered species absent from the zoo since the 1980s. Over the past 25 years, their population has declined due to the loss of lowland forest habitat and poaching. (See Photos)


Austin is getting its first non-alcoholic spirit store. It’s called Dear Dry Drinkery, and it’s owned by a couple who have been sober for eight years. Their goal is to provide safe alternatives to recovering alcoholics. (More)

Waco: A two-decade old cold case has finally closed. Utilizing advanced “genetic genealogy,” the Texas Rangers proved Jessie Rodriquez was guilty of a sexual assault committed in 2005, and he’s been sentenced to 20 years in prison. (More)


Tyler: Scammers have been posing as Smith County Sheriff’s Office employees on the phone, demanding that people pay a fine for arrest warrants. About $50,000 has been stolen thus far. (More)

Beaumont: Drivers between Beaumont and Port Arthur should be prepared to slow down. Texas Department of Transportation crews have lowered the speed limit from 75 mph to 70 mph along U.S. Highway 69 to Texas Highway 73. The changes were made after analysis of recent crashes. (See list of changes)


➤  Dallas: Thirteen protesters were arrested at Dallas Love Field airport as they protested for a ceasefire in the Gaza war. Despite police warnings, they refused to disperse, resulting in charges of obstructing roadways. (More)

Hurst: Kelly-Moore Paints laid off 700 workers and temporarily halted operations at its Hurst plant. The company is restructuring, partly to address past liabilities related to asbestos used in its products. (More)


Houston: Two cargo ship crew members were killed in an engine fire started during refueling operations. A federal investigation has reignited concerns about ship refueling procedures, given the U.S. port of Houston’s history of dangerous incidents and scandals related to fuel quality. (More)

Katy: Texas welcomes Slick City Action Park as its first “waterless water park”. The 55,000 square foot indoor slide complex includes 11 slides, zip lines, and swings; as well as courts for basketball, soccer, and dodge ball. (More)

Texas Sports

➤ The University of Texas has added Michigan to its football schedule for next year. The Longhorns will battle the defending national champions in Ann Arbor on September 7th. (More)

Houston’s men’s hoops team has shot up to #2 in the latest AP poll, although they lost last night to Iowa State. The Cougars are 14-1 and 1-1 in Big 12 conference play. (More)

➤ The wife of a hardcore Dallas Cowboys fan created a bingo-style drinking game based on her husband’s passionate reactions to the Cowboys on TV, and the video went viral. (Watch)

The Business Of Texas

Dallas-based airline JSX is is adding 332 hybrid electric planes to its fleet. The planes can take off with a much shorter runway than traditional craft (as little as 150 feet) and produce lower emissions. (More)

An adults-only restaurant called Fair to Midland is now open in (you guessed it) Midland. It’s state-fair themed and features arcade games, slides, and plenty of adult beverages. (More)

➤ Texas business magnates Elon Musk and Mark Cuban got into a spirited online discussion about the true nature of controversial Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion initiatives in corporate America. The two billionaires really go at it. (Read the Exchange)

Even when traditional fire extinguishers do their job, they leave you with a giant mess of powder or foam to clean up.

StaySafe uses a clean, simple solution that can easily be wiped away after putting out the flame.

See how it works here

Et Cetera

Houstonians wishing to celebrate the Mardi Gras season can find authentic king cake at these 4 locations. The Gulf Coast version features cinnamon roll dough, sugar topping, and Mardi Gras-inspired colors. Find the porcelain baby in the cake – without chipping a tooth – and it brings good luck. (More)

➤  A rare thing happened in Denton on New Year’s Day: a goat gave birth to quadruplets. (See Photos)

➤  Chick-fil-A wrote a huge check for the East Texas Food Bank: $125,000 to help combat hunger and homelessness. (More)

Upcoming Events

➤ Ringo Starr, famed drummer from The Beatles, will perform in the Rio Grande Valley for the first time on June 8th. Tickets to see him perform with his All Starr Band go on sale on Friday. (Box Office)

➤ This year’s Houston Livestock show will feature a colorful drone show on weekend nights. The rodeo runs from Feb. 27th to March 17th. (More)

Galveston: On January 12-13th, the 14th annual Yaga Chili Quest and Beer Fest is making a return to Galveston’s historic district. (More)

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 What’s your favorite Western set in Texas?

  1. Lonesome Dove
  2. The Searchers
  3. Rio Bravo
  4. Red River
  5. Giant

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