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The Roundup

Article Icon 1Phelan Gets Help From Pro-Casino PAC

A new political action committee funded entirely by the wife of deceased casino mogul Sheldon Adelson spent more than $3 million to boost embattled Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan and a handful of his allies ahead of upcoming runoff elections.

According to its campaign finance report, Texas Defense PAC received $9 million from Miriam Adelson earlier this month, and $3 million was spent on ads for House incumbents Phelan, Justin Holland, John Kuempel, and Frederick Frazier.

Adelson is behind a major push to legalize casino gambling in Texas, which has failed to gain enough support in the state legislature.

Article Icon 1Pope Defends El Paso Shelter on ’60 Minutes’

Pope Francis took aim at Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s campaign to shut down an El Paso migrant shelter Sunday night on “60 Minutes,” calling the effort “sheer madness.”

During an interview on the prime-time CBS news program, the Pope argued that migrants crossing the border had to be received somewhere, legal or not, even if they were sent back afterward.

In a request for a temporary injunction against Annunciation House earlier this month, Paxton accused the migrant shelter of “operating a stash house and human smuggling.” A court has yet to decide on the matter.

Article Icon 1Texas Has Most Blocked Railroad Crossings

Texans encountered blocked railroad crossings 6,300 times last year, four times longer than those reported in any other state. In some instances, Texas drivers were delayed for several hours at a time.

Texas also has the most railroad crossings, with about 15,000, but data compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation show the disparity with other states wasn’t seen in previous years.

A practice known as precision-scheduled railroading is partly to blame. The logistics strategy involves coupling more cars together to increase efficiency, stretching trains up to three miles long in some cases.

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Around Texas

➤ Amarillo: A group of farmers sued the U.S. Department of Agriculture for prioritizing disaster relief funds based on race and gender. “Natural disasters do not discriminate, and neither should the USDA,” the complaint states. (More)

➤ San Marcos: Texas State University signed a 15-year, $23 million naming rights agreement with University Federal Credit Union for Bobcat Stadium. Last year, the Bobcats football team set an attendance record and won its first bowl game in program history. (More)

➤ Galveston: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is slated to begin work on a massive coastal barrier, with $500,000 allotted this year for the $34.4 billion Coastal Texas Project. Known colloquially as the “Ike Dike,” it’s intended to reduce flooding. (See details)

➤ Borger: 828 Sports Ventures plans to build a $100 million sports complex about 50 miles northeast of Amarillo. The 100-acre BoomTown MultiDome Sports Complex will include indoor and outdoor courts, a water park, meeting spaces, a hotel, and restaurants. (More)

➤ Southlake: The Carroll ISD board of trustees voted unanimously to sue the Biden administration over its revised Title IX rules that would add gender identity as a protected class and let transgender students use the bathroom of their choice. (See details)

➤ Austin: The Texas Department of Transportation is installing traffic cameras along a 21-mile section of SH 130 to help autonomous 18-wheelers navigate the road. The $1.4 million Smart Freight Corridor is scheduled to be completed next year. (More)

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Texas Sports

➤ San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama was named to the NBA’s All-Defensive first team Tuesday, becoming the first rookie in league history to achieve the feat. The 7-foot-4 20-year-old was the unanimous pick for Rookie of the Year earlier this month. (See details)

➤ Texas A&M junior Adela Cernousek won the NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Championship Monday in Carlsbad, California, beating Florida State’s Lottie Woad by three strokes. (More)

➤ The postseason success for Dallas’s two playoffs teams has forced four performers to reschedule concerts at the American Airlines Center, the Mavericks and Stars’ shared home arena. The latest show to be rescheduled is Melanie Martinez’s Trilogy Tour. (See details)

Yesterday’s results: MLB | WNBA | U.S. Open Cup

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The Business Of Texas

➤ Toyota is planning a $532 million expansion of its San Antonio facility after winning county approval for an incentive package worth more than $14 million for the project, which could create more than 400 jobs. (See details)

➤ Shipley’s Do-Nuts chain plans to open more than 60 new stores throughout Texas. To direct the expansion, the Houston-based chain hired executives with experience at Pizza Hut, Wingstop, and HTeaO. (More)

➤ Swedish telecom giant Ericsson is spending $50 million to upgrade its manufacturing facility in Lewisville. The investment will help the company increase production of components used with 5G mobile networks. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ As new residents pour into Texas, the problem of pronouncing some of our cities’ names becomes bigger. Here’s a guide to the proper way to say some of the state’s more difficult names. (See guide)

➤ Dallas-based Chili’s is trying to debunk rumors that it’s shutting down after a radio DJ in Victoria suggested the closures of several under-performing stores are an indication the company is going out of business. (More)

➤ “The best trophy bass lake in the United States” is the O.H. Ivie Lake in Voss, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife district fisheries supervisor Lynn Wright. The reservoir is about 55 miles east of San Angelo. (See photos)

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