Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Abbott Fights Space Force “Power Grab”

Gov. Greg Abbott is fighting back against a Biden administration proposal to assign state National Guard units to the Space Force without their governor’s consent.

Abbott called the proposal a “power grab” and argued the National Guard is needed to “respond to natural disasters, civil disturbances, and cartel activity that threaten our way of life.”

The proposal follows a February announcement about the creation of a Space Force command center to oversee experimentation, wargaming, and mission planning.

Although 48 other governors objected to the proposal in a joint letter to Biden, Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wrote their own letters. A bipartisan group of 85 House and Senate members is also pushing back on the idea.

Article Icon 1Residents Urged to Report Flood Damage

State officials are urging residents hit with property damage from the recent flooding to help them determine eligibility for FEMA aid by submitting a report to the Texas Department of Emergency Management. You can file a report here.

In a press conference Monday in Conroe, Gov. Greg Abbott said federal assistance requires the state to show that at least 800 uninsured homes need repairs and that infrastructure, such as roads and utility lines, sustained losses of at least $54 million.

“I believe we’re going to hit that for this event, but I’ve got to be able to demonstrate those numbers to our federal partners,” said Nim Kidd, the state’s emergency director.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Small Business Administration has set up three temporary offices in Southeast Texas to help individuals and businesses apply for low-interest loans to help with repairs. Here are the locations.

Article Icon 1 Houston Leads Nation in Food Inflation

The Houston metro area led the nation in grocery price inflation last year with an increase of 7.8%, according to recent data from the USDA.

In January, data from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that Houston is second only to Miami with the highest grocery bill in the country, with residents paying $302.65 on average every week.

Dallas-Fort Worth was also featured in the study, seeing prices for groceries go up 5%, the same as the national average.

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Around Texas

College Station: Texas A&M is moving forward with plans to implement President Biden’s revised Title IX guidelines to accommodate transgender students, despite Gov. Abbott’s directive to disregard them and a pending state lawsuit to block the new rules. (See details)

San Antonio: Medina Lake, a 6,000-acre reservoir on a tributary of the San Antonio River, reached its lowest level since at least 1997 amid an ongoing drought in the region. The lake has dropped two feet in the last three months and is currently just 2.7% full. (See photos)

El Paso: Brandon Herrera, the YouTube gun enthusiast challenging GOP Rep. Tony Gonzales for Congress, campaigned in El Paso with Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man acquitted of killing two rioters in Wisconsin in 2020. (More)

Dallas: The Texas Department of Public Safety is opening its first urban recruitment center in the Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center. Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki helped open the facility Tuesday. (Video)

Valley Mills: Nearly 200 ostriches were swept away from a Central Texas ranch during intense flooding over the past week. Ranch owner Reg Lindbergh says around 85 have been located and is asking the community for help finding the rest. (More)

Austin: Three neighborhoods voted Saturday to leave the City of Austin. One resident who voted in favor of exiting the city said she didn’t receive the services her taxes were supposed to pay for. (See video)

Texas Sports

➤ San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama was named the NBA Rookie of the Year Monday, receiving all 99 first-place votes. The 7-foot 4-inch 20-year-old averaged 21.4 points, 10.6 rebounds, 3.9 assists, and 3.6 blocks per game during his first season. (More)

The Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas could become the home field for a new pro women’s soccer team. City council members vote today on a $296,000 payment to the stadium’s management company to help with security and other game day expenses. (See details)

Tomball native Jake Bates could soon be headed to the NFL from the United Football League. He’s drilled two field goals of at least 60 yards this season and went 5 for 5 Sunday. (See Video)

➤ Yesterday’s results: MLB | NBA | NHL

The Business Of Texas

The CEO of Port Antonio is seeking a corporate partner to help build a vertiport to make the location a hub for flying cars and robotaxis. (See Details)

Muenster-based Weber Ranch is introducing a “disruptive” new vodka made from Mexican agave distillate, typically a base ingredient for tequila. The new vodka will be rolled out in Texas and three other states. (More)

The co-founder of Meow Wolf, an immersive arts company, is opening a new interactive spa in Austin designed to integrate art and neuroscience with the aim of taking clients “beyond relaxation” into “elevated states” like awe and wonder. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ The schedule is out for October’s Austin City Limits Music Festival, with headliners including Dua Lipa, Chris Stapleton, blink-182 and others. (Buy tickets here)

A Mansfield woman who fed bananas to two young bulls living next door learned a lesson when one of the bulls pushed through a barbed wire fence to find her and get more bananas. (See video)

The mysterious neon-colored blocks washing up on Texas shorelines are “effigy drifters” meant to mimic sea turtles. Researchers track their movements through the Gulf to predict where the sea turtles might become stranded. (See photo)

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