Friday, January 12th, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Texas Gov Squares Off Against 21 Republicans

Texas Governor Greg Abbott plans to use $19 million in campaign funds to target GOP state house members who refused to back his school choice program last November.

Throughout 2023, Abbott focused on pushing a school voucher initiative that would let parents use state funds to assist with the cost of private schools. However, at the end of last year, House Democrats and 21 Republicans voted to eliminate the voucher program from the education bill.

Abbott has endorsed the first seven challengers to the 21 anti-voucher Republicans in their 2024 reelctions.

Article Icon 1Operation Lone Star Seizes City Park

State agencies have taken control of a 47-acre community park that runs along the border in Eagle Pass. Last month, thousands of migrants used this park as an entry point into Texas.

Eagle Pass mayor Rolando Salinas shared a video on Facebook Wednesday night, revealing a barricade that included military-style trucks positioned behind the metal-wire fencing.

In response to questions by city officials and residents, spokeswoman Renae Eze stated this move is simply part of Operation Lone Star’s broader mission to use the Texas National Guard to manage the ongoing border crisis.

Article Icon 1 Top 12 Steakhouses in Texas

If you’re in the mood to visit a great steakhouse this weekend, you might consider this list of the top twelve in Texas, according to Yelp. 

Cattleman’s Steakhouse, located on a working ranch in Fabens, came in at number one. Many of the chefs have been there for 10+ years.

Check out the whole list to see if there’s a top twelve option near you.

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Around Texas

El Paso: A grandfather was caught with 77 lbs of meth while taking his grandchildren to school. On Wednesday, an El Paso federal grand jury charged the grandpa with importation, possession, and distribution of a controlled substance. (More)

Abilene: The lowest temperatures since the “big freeze” of 2021 that killed 246 people are coming in the next few days—as low as seven degrees. Abilene residents are encouraged to wrap outdoor pipes and let indoor faucets drip overnight. (Forecast)


Edinburg:  The Hidalgo County Community Service Agency (HCCSA) is providing complimentary space heaters to households lacking the means to heat their homes. (More)

San Antonio: Pro-Palestine protestors shut down a City Council meeting in response to District 8 Councilman Manny Pelaez pulling his support for an Israeli/Palestinian ceasefire. (Video)


Bastrop Independent School District is using grant funds to install book vending machines in schools. Instead of cash, the machines accept tokens earned from good deeds as currency. (More)

Marble Falls: The Texas Music Office has designated the city of Marble Falls as a Music Friendly Texas Certified Community. The program fosters music-related business growth in various communities. (More)


The Palestine City Council approved the purchase of an armored tactical vehicle with a price tag of $273,948.36. Since there’s only one Emergency Response Team in the county, the purchase was essential for improving public safety, stated Police Chief Mark Harcrow. (More)

Longview: After 3 years of waiting, Christus Health is celebrating the grand opening of a new hospital in Longview. Hospital officials say that upgraded surgery and sports medicine capabilities mean locals no longer need to commute to Dallas or Houston for care. (More)


➤  North Texas is getting five new hydrogen fueling stations and about 100 electric vehicle charging stations. The construction will be funded by $85 million allocated by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law—federal legislation that provides over $500 billion for improving roads, bridges, water transit, etc. (More)

Dallas: Local authorities are now offering a $150,000 reward for information on the robbery of a U.S. Postal Service letter carrier. Two suspects, spotted wearing masks during the crime, are still at large. (More)


Kodiak Robotics plans to start driverless freight deliveries between Houston and Dallas in 2024. While the owner is confident that the technology is safe, 68% of Americans aren’t sold on the idea. (More)

Houston Mayor John Whitmire delayed the city’s plan to move residents out of the Fifth Ward district due to a lack of funding. The community (the childhood home of boxing legend George Foreman) is near a Union Pacific Railroad site that’s tested positive for elevated levels of creosote, a cancer-linked contaminant. (More)

Texas Sports

 Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers has decided to return for his senior season. He finished the year with 22 touchdowns and six interceptions, and he’ll attempt to lead the Longhorns back to the College Football Playoff. Backup Archie Manning has denied rumors of transferring after Ewers’ announcement. (More)

➤ Emanuel Miller and Avery Anderson led TCU basketball to its first win over a top-25 team with an 80-71 victory over No. 9 Oklahoma. (More)

The Texas Rangers successfully reached an agreement to retain pitcher Dane Dunning. They managed to avoid arbitration and settled on a contract worth $3.32 million for the 2024 season. (More)

The Business Of Texas

Real estate sales fell for the second straight year in Houston, according to a housing market report on 2023. Single family homes were down 12%, and total property sales were down 13.1%. Despite the drop in sales, home prices did not fall. (Chart)

San Antonio-based grocery store H-E-B was ranked the #1 grocery retailer in the U.S. by data science firm Dunnhumby. H-E-B got high marks on product selection and customer service. (More)

➤ Graze Inc., a robotics firm that specializes in autonomous lawn mowing equipment, has moved from California to Plano. A company statement said that better proximity to airports, golf courses, and solar installations drove them to make the move. (More)

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Et Cetera

Houston: Two stray dogs caused over $350,000 in damages at a Houston car dealership. The canines were captured on security footage, scratching the paint and ripping off bumpers from the vehicles. (More)

➤  11-year-old Stephen Ellis is a self-proclaimed WWII history buff and the youngest tour guide at the Bastrop Museum. He’s “mainly interested in the history of front-line warfare.” (More)

The Polling Station

 Did you lose electricity or water supply in the Big Freeze of 2021?

  1. Water
  2. Electricity
  3. Neither 
  4. Both

Thursday’s Results:

What’s the best Texan Beer Brand?

  1. Shiner Bock: 44.7%
  2. Revolver: 14.7%
  3. Saint Arnold: 13.8%
  4. Lone Pint: 12.5%
  5. Martin House: 11.4%
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