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The Roundup

Article Icon 1Energy Demand To Double by 2030

Texas’ power grid demand is forecast to nearly double by 2030, according to ERCOT, the state’s grid operator.

Roughly 60% of the new demand is attributed to Bitcoin mining and AI data centers, which can draw many times more energy than traditional data centers. 

“They produce very few jobs compared to the incredible demands they place on our grid. Crypto mining may actually make more money selling electricity back to the grid than from their crypto mining operations,” Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said.

ERCOT has warned of a 12% chance of rolling blackouts and a 16% chance of emergency in August due to high demand and extreme weather.

Article Icon 1Judge Blocks Expanded Gun Checks

A federal judge has blocked the enforcement of expanded background checks for gun sales in Texas and three other states.

The judge granted a temporary injunction that halts a recent federal mandate requiring more comprehensive background checks for certain private gun sales.

The ruling follows Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit arguing that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives exceeded its authority and violated the Second Amendment in implementing the mandate.

Article Icon 1Texas House GOP Censures 4 Republicans  

The Texas House Republican Caucus reprimanded four of its members who campaigned against Republican incumbents, a violation of caucus bylaws.

Reps. Brian Harrison (Midlothian), Nate Schatzline (Fort Worth), Tony Tinderholt (Arlington), and Steve Toth (The Woodlands) were formally rebuked in a censure resolution adopted by the caucus’s executive committee on Monday.

“We are proud to have helped many true conservatives join the Texas House; something we will continue to do, regardless of any absurd caucus rules designed to protect the uniparty swamp,” the censured members said in a statement.

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Around Texas

➤ Kilgore: A recycling plant fire that started Wednesday could burn for days, authorities say. Crews are monitoring the site, and the state’s environmental agency has been asked to perform an air quality check near the plant. (See Details

➤ Andrews: A nuclear waste facility is appealing a ruling that prevents it from accepting Greater-Than-Class-C radioactive waste. Currently, Waste Control Specialists stores Class A, B, and C waste using a shallow burial method. (More

➤ Lorena: A petition with over 700 signatures demands the removal of Lorena Primary School principal April Jewell, who allegedly ignored a former teacher’s sexual abuse of a 5-year-old student, according to a lawsuit. (More

➤ Dallas: The city council unanimously voted for an economic impact study before extending the proposed Dallas-to-Houston high-speed rail to Fort Worth, expressing concerns about an elevated line through the heart of downtown. (See Details) 

➤ Moody: Representatives from DeLa Express LLC, a Houston-based energy infrastructure company, met with residents Wednesday to discuss a proposed 690-mile natural gas pipeline that would stretch from West Texas to Louisiana. (More)

➤ El Paso: A water main break Wednesday morning caused a sinkhole that engulfed two cars and displaced 20 residents. The water main was one that El Paso Water had identified as needing replacement. (See Photos

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Texas Sports

After getting pummeled by the Dodgers 15-2 on Tuesday, the Texas Rangers notched a 3-2 win against Los Angeles on Wednesday thanks to a 3-run Corey Seager homer and a perfect relay throw to the plate to end the game. (See Video)

The No. 3 Texas A&M Aggies baseball team plays their first game of the College World Series tomorrow night against the Florida Gators. Eight teams are competing in the double-elimination tournament for a chance to play in the best-of-three championship next weekend in Omaha. (More)

Mavericks star Luka Doncic is taking heat for his poor defensive play and fouling out during his team’s Game 3 loss to the Boston Celtics on Wednesday. Down 0-3 in the NBA Finals, Dallas needs a win tonight to avoid a sweep. (More)

Yesterday’s results: MLB | NHL | PGA | LPGA | WNBA

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The Business Of Texas

Sony Pictures has purchased Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, marking one of the first acquisitions of a theater chain by a production company since a federal anti-trust rule expired in 2020. The dinner theater’s 35 locations will continue to operate under the Alamo brand. (See Details

➤ At Thursday’s Tesla shareholders’ meeting, the company agreed to move its place of incorporation from Delaware to Austin, Texas. The move comes in response to a Delaware judge blocking Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay package, which shareholders also approved at the meeting. (See Details

Dallas-based Skybox Datacenters has begun construction on an $85 million project in Lancaster that will be part of a massive 1-million-square-foot data center. (See Details

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Et Cetera

➤ Several UT System students in Austin and Dallas who were set to graduate this year have not yet received their diplomas after joining pro-Palestinian protests that broke university rules and led to mass arrests. (See Details

➤ Legendary Tejano TV host Johnny Canales, known for his iconic catchphrase “You got it, take it away!” and his significant contributions to the Tejano music scene, has passed away at the age of 77. (More

➤ The spread of lethal White-Nose Syndrome to new bat species and areas in Texas has concerned biologists, defying earlier beliefs about the fungal disease’s limitation to cooler climates. (See Details

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