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The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Texas Grandma Goes to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in the case of Sylvia Gonzalez, a Texas grandmother who claims she was arrested and jailed in 2019 by Castle Hills officials in retaliation for criticizing the city manager.

During arguments, the Justices wrestled with what kind of evidence was needed to prove the case either way. Generally, a plaintiff can only bring a retaliation suit if there’s clear evidence proving there was no probable cause for an arrest.

Castle Hill lawyers argued that city police had probable cause to arrest Gonzales because she took personal possession of a government record — a petition that criticized the city manager. However, the plaintiff’s attorney argued that the city’s mayor also took the petition home but wasn’t arrested.

Article Icon 1 New Challenger for State Speaker Position

Texas GOP House Representative Tom Oliverson announced Thursday that he’s running against Dade Phelan for the State House Speaker position.

The surprise announcement came after Oliverson criticized Phelan’s “dysfunctional” handling of Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial and school choice legislation.

Phelan selected Oliverson as chair of the House Insurance Committee in 2021. But Oliverson now argues that the speaker, his former ally, has given too much power to the Democrat minority.

Article Icon 1 List: Top Retirement Spots in Texas

People are moving to Texas in droves, and this new list features 17 of the best places in the state for people looking to retire here.

Those wishing to retire near larger towns with social life and activities may consider Woodway, Highland Park, and Lago Vista.

If your dream retirement involves as few people as possible, Emerald Bay, Fulton, and Palm Valley all have populations of less than 2,000. 

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Around Texas

➤ Law enforcement officials closed their investigation of the death of Angela Chao, sister-in-law of Sen. Mitch McConnell, concluding that it was an “unfortunate accident” involving a high blood-alcohol level. (Video)

➤ Houston: City officials gave the green light to a $2.5 billion terminal upgrade at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Terminal B upgrades are expected to include 22 gates, security checkpoints, and improved baggage systems. (More)

➤ George: A 26-year-old man from South Texas was caught trying to stow away on a Delta airline flight from Utah to Austin. Instead of waiting for his re-booked Southwest flight, he used photos of another person’s ticket to try to board an earlier Delta flight. (Video)

➤ Denton: Residents will see an electricity rate increase for the first time in seven years. City council members confirmed an average monthly increase of $24 for residential bills and up to $8,000 for large businesses. (Get the Details)

➤ San Angelo native Ashley Hernandez won the state championship at the Texas State Powerlifting competition in Frisco, breaking the unassisted record with a total of 825 pounds lifted. (Watch her Video)

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Texas Sports

➤ The University of Texas held Colorado State to just 11 first-half points in the first round of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament last night. They won 56-44, and Texas Tech lost to North Carolina State, 80-67. (More)

➤ The Texas Rangers signed a one-year, $7 million contract with right-handed pitcher Michael Lorenzen. He was among the top remaining free agents, also sought after by the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. (See his Stats)

➤ The Dallas Stars grabbed a 5-2 win over the Arizona Coyotes on Wednesday night, with Jamie Benn scoring with 8:06 left in his 1,100th game. (More)

➤ Houston: Griff Aldrich, a former Houston city lawyer, is now the basketball coach for tiny Longwood University, a long-shot entrant into the NCAA tournament who will play No. 1 Houston on Friday night. (See his Story)

The Business Of Texas

➤ The entertainment group Dude Perfect is set to open another headquarters in Frisco, Texas while planning for a bigger expansion. The five Aggies who make up the sports/comedy group are working on a sports park where families can practice their own ‘trick shots.’’ (Video)

➤ Four Dallas nonprofits have received a share of $7 million from billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. The donations are focused on workplace development, including the Prison Entrepreneurship Program and Bonton Farms. (See all the Recipients)

➤ Houston’s Egyptian-themed Magic Island is set to reopen after being closed for 15 years. The major refurbishments include a new ballroom, improved restaurant space, and a small theater. (See the Property)

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Et Cetera

➤ A Texas man woke up from a three-week induced coma and is expected to survive. He developed a severe infection after trying to remove an ingrown hair, and despite being given a 4% chance of survival, he regained consciousness after heart surgery. (See Photos)

 El Paso: A local law firm will award a $1 million prize for a perfect NCAA March Madness bracket and $25,000 for anyone who gets 60 teams out of 63 correct. It’s a safe bet for them: The odds for a perfect bracket are one in nine quintillion. (More)

➤ Brownsville: City officials are set to unveil a statue of legendary aviator Amelia Earhart at Dean Porter Park on April 9. The statue commemorates her flight achievements and connection to the city where she earned her commercial pilot’s license. (More)

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