Thursday, March 21, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Texas Border Law Saga Continues

The SB4 legal saga continued late last night, as the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals put the state’s illegal immigrant law back on hold again, mere hours after the Supreme Court allowed it to take effect.

The measure, meant to be in force this past Monday, would allow Texas to arrest and deport illegal immigrants with federal oversight. It’s been blocked on and off by various courts ever since.

On Wednesday, after blocking the law’s enforcement once again, the Fifth Circuit appeals court heard arguments on the substance of the statute’s constitutionality. 

Article Icon 1 Small Airports Brace for Eclipse

Regional airports in Central Texas are bracing for a mass influx of private jets flying in for the total eclipse on April 8. 

In Waco, the regional airport is estimating 40 to 60 private jets will arrive for the eclipse, bringing in around 300 people. Aviation Director Joel Martinez confirmed that all commercial air travel to the airport will cease around the time of April 8.

Gatesville Municipal Airport began preparations back in February. The normal flight schedule is expected to quadruple from three per week to twelve. In response, pilots are being asked to supply their own tie-down and be prepared for limited fuel supplies.

Article Icon 1 African Safari Getaway in Texas

If you want to vacation like you’re on an African safari without actually visiting another continent, try taking a road trip to this glamping property in central Texas.

The 32-acre property in Stonewall, dubbed Outdoorsy Hill Country, boasts 22 all-season safari-themed tents equipped with luxury amenities. The site also features live music, local wineries, and the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park.

The company opens reservations today and will also offer special packages for the total eclipse on April 8. Check out photos of the property here.

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Around Texas

➤ Houston: The city’s police officers’ union is demanding Police Chief Troy Finner recuse himself from the department’s internal investigation of 264K suspended cases, citing a blatant conflict of interest. (Video)

➤ Fredericksburg was named the No. 1 “family-friendly” destination in the country for 2024 by Yelp. The city was the only Texas spot on the top 10 list, with California’s Napa Valley coming in second. (See the List)

➤ Fort Worth: A middle-school science teacher, Lauren Parker, was one of eight teachers chosen across America to bring her students on a zero-gravity flight in Florida for a student space simulation program. (Watch the Experience)

➤ West Texans are receiving hay donations from Alabama’s Department of Agriculture and Industries as part of wildfire recovery efforts. Alabama’s Cattlemen and Trucking Associations are expected to begin the hay shipments soon. (Read More)

➤ East Texas officials are urging residents to be aware of increased fire risk during April’s total eclipse. Forest Service officials are warning people to park away from dried grass and to limit campfires. (More)

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Texas Sports

➤ The Houston Texans unveiled photos of their new uniforms after they were leaked to the public. CEO Cal McNair added photos of his own. (Check them Out)

➤ All NFL teams scouted prospects at Texas A&M’s Pro Day on Tuesday. Players looking to be picked in the upcoming draft included linebacker Edgerrin Cooper and Wide Receiver Ainias Smith. (Video)

➤ The Dallas Mavericks’ Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic led the team to a 113-107 win against the San Antonio Spurs—moving the Mavs into sixth place in the Western Conference. (Watch the Highlights)

The Business Of Texas

➤ Lubbock: City officials gave the green light to begin construction on a new expo center after receiving a $6 million grant from The Moody Foundation. The city still needs $84 million to complete the facility. (More)

➤ The Colony: Tiger Woods is opening an extensive mini-golf course in DFW called PopStroke. The venue is set to open before April and features over 25 holes, open-air dining, an ice cream parlor, a beer garden, and a sports bar. (Check out the Venue)

➤ Texas-based Aerolane is reintroducing a WWII-era concept of using aircraft to pull cargo-laden gliders. The idea, which requires FAA approval, involves gliders being released and landing at small airports, addressing cargo delivery issues for rural communities. (Get the Details)

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Et Cetera

➤ Houston: Federal authorities recently arrested three juveniles, nicknamed ‘The Little Rascals,’ after they robbed a Wells Fargo bank. The 11, 12, and 16-year-olds were on the run from the FBI since last week. (More)

 Austin: The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has gone live for the 14th straight year with its nest cam of a great horned owl named Athena, considered the most photographed bird in Texas. (See Owl-Cam)

➤ Midway: A Texas couple who lead Kenton Pate Ministries received the Texas Governor’s Lifetime Achievement award for 25 years of public service. The last five years focused on providing leadership development courses to imprisoned veterans. (Video)

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