Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Supreme Court Grants Texas Border Law

In a surprising turn of events, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a 6-3 ruling that allows Texas to enforce its SB4 immigration law. This comes less than 24 hours after Justice Alito issued an indefinite pause on the state’s legislation.

The law now allows state authorities to arrest and prosecute individuals crossing the border illegally. Texas judges will also be able to deport those convicted. Meanwhile, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will continue to review whether the statute is constitutional.

White House officials say the law illegally circumvents federal authority over immigration. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argues it’s a major victory for the state’s sovereignty over its own borders:

“Texas is the nation’s first-line defense against transnational violence and has been forced to deal with the deadly consequences of the federal government’s inability or unwillingness to protect the border.”

Article Icon 1 Texas Removes $8.5 Billion from BlackRock

The state’s Permanent School Fund announced it will remove $8.5B in funding from the firm BlackRock. State officials accused the company of using Texas funds to push anti-oil agendas onto companies, partly by using “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) ranking scores.

Texas Board of Education Chairman Aaron Kinsey said the divestment was necessary to ensure the school fund complied with state law—Senate Bill 13 mandates severing ties with financial entities that oppose fossil fuel companies.

Since public schools receive around $1 billion in annual oil and gas royalties, Texas leaders saw the financial divorce as a victory. BlackRock executives argued the divestment could risk over $300 billion already invested in state-wide businesses, infrastructure, and municipalities.

Article Icon 1 NBA Hall of Famer Sells Texas Mansion

Tony Parker, a San Antonio Spurs Hall-of-Famer, has placed his Texas mansion on the market for $16.5 million. You can take a video tour of the Boerne mansion here.

The 53-acre estate, built in 2009, includes a 13,297-square-foot main house, an indoor sports facility, and a private water park. It previously went on the market for $19.5M in 2022.

For the security-minded, the property comes with 10-foot fencing, a wired camera system, and even a Jurassic Park-themed gate to access the rear acreage.

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Around Texas

➤ Odessa: U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson visited the Permian Basin to highlight its contribution to U.S. energy independence as part of “Energy Week.” The trip comes as the House prepares to vote on new energy legislation. (More)

➤ Amarillo: Regional organizations recently donated $100K for wildfire relief to the Texas Panhandle 100 Club. Lubbock-based Hometown Hat Co. contributed 100% of their ‘Pray for the Panhandle’ hat sales to the donation. (See the Video)

➤ Plano: A leak from a broken valve caused more than 1.5 million gallons of sewage — the equivalent of three Olympic-sized swimming pools —to pour into White Rock Lake Creek. City officials say they’ve seen no sign of contamination downstream. (Video)

➤ New Braunfels: The City Council has approved $9.4 million worth of economic improvement projects. The initiatives include a $1.5 million youth gymnasium renovation, $7.2M in drainage solutions, and a $700K street upgrade project. (Click for More Details)

➤ Galveston: A fiery green meteor shot through the sky above Kemah Boardwalk Monday night, and two cameras caught the celestial fireworks display. (See the Video)

➤ Corpus Christi: Strange “eyeball” jellyfish creatures have been spotted along Mustang Island. Officials say the stinging creatures are rhizophysa eysenhardti, or ‘spaghetti monsters.’ (Check Out the Photos)

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Texas Sports

➤ The Rangers have named Nathan Eovaldi as their Opening Day starter on March 28th. He went 5-0 during last year’s playoff run, including the final win of the World Series. (More)

➤ Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith gave a tearful farewell Tuesday to the Dallas Cowboys after signing a one-year deal to join the New York Jets. He’s leaving the Cowboys after 13 seasons. (Read More)

➤ Jennifer Lozano, a boxer from Laredo, will become the city’s first-ever Olympian. She’ll represent Team USA in the 110-pound women’s boxing division at the 2024 Paris Olympics. (Watch her Interview)

The Business Of Texas

➤ Federal Officials opened an investigation into last month’s fatal accident in San Antonio involving a Ford electric Mustang that crashed into a Honda CR-V. The issue is whether the Mustang’s hands-free driving system caused the accident. (See the Details)

➤ CosMc’s, the new McDonald’s cafe-oriented spinoff, is coming to the DFW metroplex. The new establishment focuses primarily on diverse drinks and quick-service food items. (Look at the Menu)

➤ The Texas Department of Transportation has awarded a five-year $3 million contract to Iteris, Inc. for infrastructure improvements to San Antonio. The scheduled work is expected to range from traffic design projects to fiber communication installation. (More)

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Et Cetera

 Lewisville: A 15-year-old pet macaw named Samba escaped from his cage this weekend and has eluded capture by local firefighters and its owner. As of Monday night, Samba is still perched out of reach in a tree by Lewisville Lake. (Video)

➤ Austin: A massive wooden troll named Malin has taken up residence as a striking art sculpture in the city’s Pease Park. Danish artist Thomas Dambo added the piece to his internationally famous list of more than 100 trolls worldwide. (See the Photos)

➤ College Station: Country music singer George Strait announced his only Texas 2024 show will be at A&M’s Kyle Field on June 15. The King at Kyle Field concert is also expected to feature Catie Offerman and Parker McCollum. Tickets go on sale March 28. (More)

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The Polling Station

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Tuesday’s Results:

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  2. Beaver Nuggets: 15.9%
  3. BBQ Sandwiches: 20.6%
  4. Homemade Fudge: 15.9%
  5. Banana Pudding: 14.6%
  6. Other: 15.2%
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