Tuesday, March 19, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Supreme Court Upholds Block on SB4

The Supreme Court on Monday indefinitely extended the ban on Texas enforcing its law that would allow the state to arrest illegal immigrants without involving federal authorities.

The court’s decision came just as the law was about to go into effect. While the ban on enforcement is in place, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will review its constitutionality in April.

While opponents believe the law subverts the federal Border Patrol, its supporters argue that it enforces the law that the Biden administration has let slide.

Article Icon 1 Two Texas Cities See House Prices Drop

Austin, San Antonio, and New Orleans are the only three cities in the nation with decreasing home prices, according to a Zillow report.

As of March 1, a San Antonio home averages at $253K, with Austin coming in around $533K, a total decrease of 9% for both cities since 2023.

Other areas in Texas are in line with the national trend of rising prices, with house values going up 1.3% in Dallas each year and 1.2% for Houston. Texas realtors have blamed large corporations for buying homes to rent out, raising prices for first-time buyers.

Article Icon 1 Austin-Built Robot Joins Mercedes Assembly Line

Austin-based Apptronik will supply a humanoid robot to help build cars for Mercedes-Benz as part of a new partnership.

The robot, named ‘Apollo,’ weighs 160 pounds, is over five feet tall, and can lift 55 pounds. It’s designed to handle low-skill, physically challenging tasks on the assembly line.

Apollo can fit immediately into Mercedes’ existing plants, where the robot will help with logistics, bringing parts to the production line for workers to assemble.

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Around Texas

➤ Houston: Company executives for Texas Central have settled multiple land disputes involving the creation of the high-speed rail project between Houston and Dallas. The company will build viaducts across 50% of the line, alleviating landowner concerns. (More)

➤ Henderson: A local farmer racked up 6.2 million views on social media after posting a video of her feeding leftover eggs to chickens, bringing accusations of chicken “cannibalism” from viral viewers with limited agricultural knowledge. (See Video)

➤ Dallas: More than 1,600 props from major movies are being sold this week by Heritage Auctions, from Kate Winslet’s dress in “Titanic” to the Harley chopper ridden by Bruce Willis in “Pulp Fiction.” (See Video)

➤ Lubbock: Texas Tech University’s trumpet team took first place in the National Trumpet Competition, a first in school history. The team’s winning arrangement was Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring.” (More)

➤ Waco: Local Pastor Ramiro Peña has become famous for praying with global leaders, including President Donald Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. (See his Story)

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Texas Sports

➤ NHL Officials joined almost 20,000 attendees in unveiling a new status of Dallas Stars’ Mike Modano at the American Airlines Center. A teary-eyed Modano thanked the team and fans. (See Video)

➤ The Cowboys have restructured Dak Prescott’s contract, shaving $4 million off the team’s 2024 salary cap hit. That brings the total cap hit down to $55 for next year. (More)

➤ The schedule have been accounced for each of Texas’ eleven March Madness participants, beginning with the men’s first round on Thursday. (See Schedule)

The Business Of Texas

➤ California-based FreshRealm announced they’re moving their national headquarters to Lancaster, Texas. The company specializes in producing short shelf-life fresh meals. (Get the Details)

➤ For the third year in a row, Texas has been named the No. 1 state for franchise growth. The International Franchise Association’s projects over 2,600 new franchise units in Texas during 2024. (More)

➤ Buc-ee’s opened their first store in Colorado on Monday. The 74,000-square-foot travel center in Johnstown brings 116 gas pumps, 175 jobs, and its fans to Colorado’s front range. (Video)

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Et Cetera

 Sherman: The Granny basketball tournament, a league for women over 50, finished this Sunday after the Rockettes beat the Fire Ants in a fierce 52-47 game. (Watch Grandma Dominate the Court)

 Dallas: City zoo officials revealed the birth of a female Okapi, their first since 2013. The unnamed calf weighed 46 pounds and will be introduced to its new habitat area soon. (Photos)

➤ Lubbock: Staff at UMC Hospital turned their intensive care unit into a wedding venue, ensuring a dying father could see his daughter get married before his passing. (Witness the Moment)

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