Monday, April 15, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Semitrailer Rams into a DPS Office

A 42-year-old man named Clenard Parker stole an 18-wheeler and rammed it into a Department of Public Safety office on Friday in Brenham, killing one and injuring thirteen.

Authorities promptly arrested Parker without further incident. The perpetrator confirmed the crash was intentional, done in retaliation after the DPS office did not renew his commercial driver’s license.

Three victims were transported to nearby hospitals; the rest were treated on scene. One of the victims died from their injuries. The Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.

Article Icon 1 Lieutenant Governor Unveils Senate Goals

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick unveiled his legislative goals for the Texas Senate’s eighty-ninth session in January 2025. Out of hundreds of ideas, he chose to focus on 57 goals.

The list includes school choice initiatives, power grid projects, and the possible elimination of property taxes.

The state senate will also continue analyzing the broad impact of SB 17, which prohibits ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ programs at public colleges and universities.

Article Icon 1 Scheffler Wins the Masters

University of Texas alumni Scottie Scheffler has won the 2024 Masters Tournament. Scheffler donned the coveted green jacket and joined the elite group of 17 golfers who’ve earned the Masters title twice.

Scheffler is the fourth-youngest golfer to win more than one green jacket, joining the ranks of Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Seve Ballesteros.

The Texan finished the tournament at 11-under and won by four strokes, often bouncing back from mistakes with great shots. He also played his final round knowing that his pregnant wife may go into labor any time—and that he would drop out of the tournament immediately to rush home if necessary. 

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Around Texas

 Dallas: A local doctor was recently found guilty on ten counts relating to the injection of poisonous drugs into patients’ IV bags at Baylor Scott & White Hospital. Eleven victims reportedly suffered cardiac emergencies after receiving the tampered bags. (Video)

➤ Carthage: A County Judge is urging residents to leave low-lying areas with the highest flooding risk. This comes after National Weather Service officials reported the Sabine River was expected to crest at 35.7 feet this morning. (Watch the Coverage)

➤ Austin: Officials for the State Examiners Board of Psychologists are pushing back against the National Board of Psychologists’ newly required $450 “skills” exam. The state board sees the new test as an unnecessary hurdle to a critical career field. (More)

➤ Port Arthur: Residents and businesses are recovering from an F-2 tornado that ravaged the city last week, reaching a wind speed of 120 mph. According to officials, the twister measured 300 yards wide and traveled nearly 2.7 miles. No injuries or deaths were reported. (Video)

➤ Houston: A local hospital’s ‘Organ Procurement Transplantation’ program has been halted after authorities began investigating the lead surgeon for alleged misconduct. The program halt has impacted a total of 38 liver transplant patients. (Get the Details)

Texas Sports

➤ Texas Rangers reliever Brock Burke punched a wall Friday night after a poor performance against the Houston Astros, breaking his hand in the process. “With that passion there’s a fine edge,” said team manager Bruce Bochy, “but it just wasn’t a smart move.” (More)

➤ Four athletes from the University of Texas were inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame in Waco on Saturday, including Longhorn football greats Jamaal Charles and Colt McCoy. The late Mike Leach also made the cut, commemorating his coaching career at Texas Tech. (More)

➤ The NBA playoffs are set, and only one Texas squad is in. The Dallas Mavericks will face off against the Los Angeles Clippers as the fourth seed in the Western Conference. (More)

The Business Of Texas

➤ Dallas and Houston ranked 11th and 12th, respectively, on The Business Journal’s recent Downtown Vitality Index, which ranks the strongest business recoveries since the COVID-19 pandemic. San Antonio and Austin ranked toward the middle of the list, sandwiching New York City. (More)

➤ UT Dallas announced they’re transforming a building on campus into an Esports stadium. The project will cost the school about $13M, and will host both college and professional Esports competitions. (More)

➤ Governor Greg Abbott is co-hosting a Music Friendly Texas Community workshop this week in collaboration with the Texas Music Office (TMO). “Music is key to the Texas brand and to our local economies,” Abbott said of the event, “I thank the Texas Music Office for helping communities large and small develop creative partnerships and grow new jobs.” (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ Marble Falls: A Tesla Cybertruck failed to complete an all-terrain track at Hidden Falls Adventure Park. The futuristic vehicle got stuck on a tree stump and was winched off by other off-road vehicles. (Video)

➤ Duncanville: Authorities evacuated multiple homes after a resident discovered a live artillery shell while digging in a backyard. Dallas PD confirmed the ordinance was live and had Air Force Explosive Ordinance Disposal personnel remove the missile-shaped object. (Read More)

➤ Austin: Officers for the city’s Animal Protection Department successfully rounded up two lost emus running loose at Zilker Park. Zoo officials are taking care of the birds until their owner is located. (Video)

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