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The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Samsung to Expand in Texas

Federal officials have awarded Samsung $6.4 billion to increase semiconductor chip production in Texas. The grants seek to lessen America’s dependence on chips made in Taiwan and China.

Within the agreement, the South Korean giant will be able to build new chip production facilities throughout Texas and improve existing locations, such as the $17 billion plant in Taylor.

Samsung is forecasting an investment of $40 billion in the region, along with over 20,000 jobs.

Article Icon 1 Work Hours Cut at Cybertuck Factory

Austin-based Tesla is reducing Cybertruck production amid upcoming layoffs. This comes after the company’s first-quarter sales reported bleak results.

Employees at the Austin Gigafactory were recently informed that starting Monday, their 12-hour shifts will be reduced to 11 hours during the day and 10.5 at night.

Many attributed the change to a memo sent by Elon Musk, stating that all cost-saving measures need to be examined for Tesla to grow—including the possible layoff of nearly 14,000 workers.

Article Icon 1 Top 12 High School Football Stadiums

If you’re looking to experience what makes high school football a religion in Texas, then consider making a pilgrimage to these top 12 stadiums. See the complete list here.

On El Paso’s western frontier, you’ll find R.R. Jones Stadium. Built in 1916, it was the nation’s first concrete stadium and was deemed a national landmark in 1980.

Along the Oklahoma border is Munson Stadium, where the Dension and Sherman football teams compete in a rivalry that dates back all the way to 1901. 

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Around Texas

 Glen Heights: Kansas City Chief Rashee Rice and SMU’s Teddy Knox have turned themselves in to local authorities after arrest warrants were issued last week. Both players face charges for their involvement in a multi-vehicle crash in Dallas almost two weeks ago. (Get the Scoop)

➤ Brenham: The suspect who drove a stolen 18-wheeler into a DPS office has been officially charged by state authorities. The 42-year-old perpetrator is facing multiple counts, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and has a bond set for $2 million. (More)

➤ Houston: Mayor John Whitmire announced plans to invest $3 billion over the next 30 years to make the city a prime destination for travelers, funded by the hotel occupancy tax. Specific improvements include expanding the entertainment district and retrofitting the Toyota Center to host hockey games. (Video)

➤ Rio Grande City: City Commissioner candidate Ediel Barrera recently sued his town leadership, alleging officials have delayed the release of public records that prove his opponent’s corruption. To date, Barrera has only received three of the ten public records requested. (Learn More)

➤ Paris: City council members have granted Heritage Constructors a nearly $40 million contract to begin working on phase two of the local wastewater treatment plant. This recent step is part of a larger renovation project that is expected to cost around $103 million. (More)

➤ Lubbock: Parks and Recreation Department workers have begun eradicating prairie dogs within the Canyon Lakes System to control their population and increase public safety. Bird conservationists worry the endeavor would harm Burrowing Owls, who live in the same area as the prairie dogs. (Get More Details)

Texas Sports

➤ Chase Elliot took first place in the No. 9 Chevy at the NASCAR Cup Series race at the Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday. He ended a 42-race losing streak with the win. (Watch the Finish)

➤ Nine-year-old Dominick Tremillio, from China Spring, was recently chosen to represent the United States in the 2024 BMX Racing World Championship after completing four months of treatment for a heart murmur. The competition is scheduled to be in South Carolina in May. (Read More)

➤ Manor: A fifth grader named Texas Terry took first place at the annual Drive, Chip, and Putt National Finals in Augusta, Georgia. Nine other competitors joined the 11-year-old in his age range. (Video)

The Business Of Texas

➤ DFW Airport was recently ranked as the world’s third busiest airport by Airports Council International. The Texas-based complex moved over 81 million passengers in 2023, over 11% higher than in 2022. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport took No.1, with Dubai International Airport securing No. 2. (See the Details)

➤ Utility provider Oncor Electric Delivery Co. took a massive court loss after a Dallas County jury found them liable for a 2021 crash that killed a local truck driver. The victim’s family was awarded $37.5 million in damages. (More)

➤ California-based Sunstone Hotel Investors completed their first purchase in the Lone Star State. The firm bought Hyatt Regency’s 630-room hotel in San Antonio for a cool $230 million. The hotel recently went through a massive $37 million guestroom renovation. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ Houston: The World’s Largest art car parade wrapped up over the weekend, with over 200,000 people in attendance. This year’s ‘Art Car’ parade brought over 250 unique cars from 23 states, Mexico, and Canada. (Check out the Cars)

➤ Waco: County officials for the District Attorney’s Office are fully embracing their new emotional support micro pig named Sprout. The animal has been used to help victims be comfortable and open up to prosecutors. (See the Photos)

➤ Austin: A hilarious moment unfolded during the Moto3 Americas GP race when Ivan Ortola accidentally climbed onto the wrong motorbike after a nasty crash with his rival Stefano Nepa. The video clip went viral, garnering over 470,000 views. (See the Video)

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