Monday, April 8, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1The Solar Eclipse is Finally in Texas

Today is the day! The highly anticipated total solar eclipse is expected to dominate the headlines for the next 24 hours. However, inclement weather may cloud viewing opportunities for most Texans. The current forecast is predominantly cloudy, with a chance of thunderstorms.

The possibility of bad weather has yet to stop thousands of visitors from flooding into Texas. Disaster plans have been implemented in various counties and cities in case the eclipse creates more than just traffic jams. While communities are excited for the economic boost, residents are urged to be careful.

The next total solar eclipse isn’t expected to impact the country until August 2044. However, if you wish to experience this rare event from the comfort of your home, NASA will host a live stream here.

Article Icon 1 Uvalde Chooses New Police Chief

Uvalde officials have chosen Homer Delgado to serve as the city’s next Chief of Police. Having already served as chief for the Texas town of Dilley, Delgado assured residents that he plans to rebuild the department from the ground up.

This came after former Chief Daniel Rodriguez abruptly resigned last month following a controversial report that cleared his officers of wrongdoing during the tragic 2022 school shooting at Robb Elementary.

Delgado has been a part of Uvalde PD for eleven months, and he had this to say about his new task: “We will challenge every member of our department to rise to a new level of professionalism and accountability.”

Article Icon 1 Study: Millennials Flocking to Texas

According to a recent study, nearly 400,000 millennials moved to Texas in 2023. 

Ten percent of all cross-state moves by millennials were to Texas, with Austin and Houston getting the majority of new Lone Star residents. 

Housing prices and career opportunities were the most cited reasons for relocation, and the study noted that the majority of millennials-on-the-move are coming from New York and California. 

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Around Texas

➤ Dallas: U.S. Department of Transportation officials announced an $80 million contribution toward the construction of community parks over existing freeways—known as deck parks. The future parks will resemble the Klyde Warran Park in Downtown Dallas. (Video)

➤ Buda: A school teacher who was injured in last month’s school bush crash filed a $1 million lawsuit against FJM Concrete for hiring a truck driver with a criminal history. The accused allegedly operated the cement truck after using cocaine earlier that morning. (Watch the Coverage)

➤ Lubbock: A Southwest Airlines flight was grounded just before leaving the airport due to an engine fire. First responders were able to extinguish the flames before any further damage or injury occurred. (More)

➤ Houston: Over 100 school district teachers took a sick day on April 4 to protest their new superintendent, Mike Miles—who allegedly threatened punishment to any teacher wanting to use their allotted sick leave. (More)

➤ State officials for the Department of Motor Vehicles have banned oversized and overweight trucks from traveling through multiple East Texas counties due to the influx of solar eclipse travelers. The 24-hour ban applies to a list of seventeen counties. (See the Complete List)

Texas Sports

➤ UT-Austin’s star freshman Madison Brooks garnered the Cheryl Miller Award, which honors the best small forward in the country. Brooks shared the award with cross-state rival Oklahoma’s Skylar Vann. (More)

➤ Texas A&M QB Connor Weigman is excited about a new rule that allows players to have in-helmet communication with the sidelines. “Having him in my ear telling me the play instead of looking to the sideline for signals has helped me,” he said, “I think it will help us a lot.” (More)

➤ The Dallas Mavericks are surging as the playoffs approach, largely thanks to a change in defensive philosophy. After adding shot blocker Daniel Gafford to the starting lineup post-All-Star break, the team has played themselves into a comfortable playoff spot. (More)

The Business Of Texas

➤ San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson will be inducted into the Texas Business Hall of Fame, it was announced late last week. He will join another Navy Alum, Roger Staubach, as the only other athlete with the distinction. (More)

➤ Over forty 99 Cents Only stores are closing their doors across the state, triggering a going-out-of-business sale at all locations. Shoppers will have until April 19th to take advantage of the statewide sale. (More)

➤ Victoria’s Texas Zoo saw a 23% bump in attendance from February to March, a good sign of things to come. The zoo needs to continue raising funds if it wants to relocate out of the Guadalupe River’s flood path, as officials have previously stated. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ Union Pacific began transporting the nation’s longest wind turbine blades from Greeley, Colorado to Brownsville, Texas on April 5. The blades each measure 264 feet, dwarfing the standard size of 177 feet. The railroad company is using seventy-two rail cars that are expected to arrive in five days. (See the Blades)

➤ Cypress: Authorities recently arrested a mother and daughter for administering illegal butt injections to unsuspecting customers. They were charged with practicing medicine without a license and providing illicit drugs before the posterior sessions. (Video)

➤ Red Oak: The largest movie screen in North America opened at B&B Theaters’ Red Oak 12, measuring seven stories tall and four stories wide. The auditorium also incorporates 4DX technology, which provides the moviegoer with multi-sensory effects, including wind and scent. (More)

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  4. Other: 14.3%
  5. Sleep: 8.4%
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