Monday, January 29th, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Convoy Heads to Texas

A large convoy of truckers is headed to the southern border in Texas to conduct rallies. The Take Our Border Back convoy will take place from January 29th through February 3rd, and it’s intended to demand the government secure the southern border.

Convoy organizers say the protests are not a call to arms but a “1st Amendment peaceful assembly & prayer.” As of Saturday, the convoy has achieved over $116,000 in crowd-sourced funding.

The planned protest comes in response to the ongoing border standoff between Texas and the Federal Government. It’s scheduled to stop in Eagle Pass, Texas, as well as Arizona and California.

Article Icon 1Texas Schools Fight Vapes

Schools within Texas are using new surveillance technology to curb student vaping, leading to severe consequences for those caught. In Tyler ISD, punishment can range from a 30-day suspension to felony charges.

The leading technology used to detect vapes is HALO Smart Sensors. While they can’t record audio or video, they can detect fluctuations in various chemicals and sound. 

Some districts, like Coppell ISD, go beyond the sensors and are giving students $50 for reporting other students’ vape use. Teen vape usage has been under the national spotlight since Juul Labs was forced to pay $440 million for marketing their products to minors.

Article Icon 1 Top Texas Road Trips

If you enjoy road trips and need a good excuse to leave the house, you might consider this list of Top 6 Road Trips throughout the Lone Star State.

If you’d like to experience beautiful scenery and a great live music scene, the Hill Country region is a great option.

For a nice blend of big city and history, head to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Check out the whole list to see if there’s a road trip that fits your adventuring spirit.

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Around Texas

Houston: Rene Gaviola, owner of Floss Family Dental Clinic, was convicted in a $6M Medicaid fraud scheme. He pled guilty to submitting fake claims for dental services, such as cavity fillings, to Medicaid—none of which actually happened. (More

Fort Worth: A local photojournalist captured what 24 hours looks like behind-the-scenes at The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. (Photos

 A San Antonio man was arrested for biting off his girlfriend’s nose because she worked at a strip club. He’s been charged with aggravated assault, with a bond of $75,000. (More)

Odessa: The Ector County Theater concluded its 9th annual Dancing with the West Texas Stars fundraiser. This year’s contribution to local abuse shelters expected to exceed $345,000. (Video)

 Tyler: Thousands attended the 27th annual Gemstone and Jewelry Show. Managed by the East Texas Gem & Mineral Society, the show’s purpose is to promote and educate on all things geology. (More)

 College Station: Texas A&M’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Force ranked #1 nationally on their annual FEMA evaluation. There are 28 Task Force teams in the U.S. that help FEMA after disasters. (More

Texas Sports

TCU handed Baylor its first men’s basketball loss inside its brand new Foster Pavilion, and it took three overtime periods to get it done. Jameer Nelson Jr. hit the go-ahead shot for TCU with 11 seconds left. (Video)

➤ Former Astros pitcher Billy Wagner fell just five votes short of a Hall of Fame induction. It was his ninth attempt, but insiders think he stands a good chance of election next year in his tenth and final try. (More)

Tony Romo and Taylor Swift shared a moment during the Kansas City Chiefs post-game celebration yesterday. Swift told the former Dallas Cowboy that he “does a great job” in his announcing role. (Video)

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The Business Of Texas

Fair Park has reached an agreement to host the Red River Shootout for ten more years. The Universities of Texas and Oklahoma will receive $500,000 as part of the deal. (More)

Elon Musk is building a new 100-person office in Austin dedicated to moderating content on his social media platform, X. The team will focus on the rising amount of sexually explicit images and videos on the platform. (More)

QTS is planning to invest $220 million into a data center expansion in Fort Worth. The company acquired the existing data center in 2017 from Health Care Services Corporation. (More)

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Et Cetera

Austin: Two women escaped a herd of 15-20 feral hogs while cycling through a local park. In Texas, the invasive hogs pose a real danger to people and can be hunted year-round without a license. (Video)

The Fort Worth Zoo announced the birth of its first-ever Rockhopper Penguin. The newborn female measured eleven inches and weighed just under three pounds. (More)

San Antonio: A resident was sentenced to over six years in federal prison for attempting to burn down 5G cell phone towers. He claimed the tower signals were microwaving citizens. (More)

The Polling Station

 Which fast food chain makes the best burger?

  1. Sonic
  2. Whataburger
  3. In-n-Out
  4. Burger King
  5. Wendy’s
  6. McDonald’s
  7. Other

Friday’s Results:

  Which environment is the best to live in?

  1. Mountains: 31.8%
  2. Coastal: 22.9%
  3. Plains: 18.6%
  4. Other: 13.4%
  5. Desert 13.2%
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Phil Collins was declared an ‘Honorary Texan’ for donating his collection of artifacts from what historical landmark?

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