Friday, January 26th, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Abbott Gains National Allies

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson and 24 governors are publicly siding with Texas in its dispute with the federal government over border security. A joint statement from the governors expresses support for Governor Abbot’s constitutional right to defend his state “with every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences…”

Legal experts have pointed out that Texas has not yet been ordered by a federal judge not to place fences along the border, although Border Patrol agents have been authorized to cut down the fences—a dynamic that leaves Texas and the federal government in a state of tension.

Yesterday, House Speaker Mike Johnson took to social media and voiced his support for the Lone Star State:

“I stand with Governor Abbott. The House will do everything in its power to back him up.”

Article Icon 1 Flash Floods Hit Texas

More than 30 million people are under flood watches throughout southeast Texas.

Much of the area has already been drenched by heavy storms, and the continual rain is causing flooding in creeks, streams, and rivers.

Five major rivers are expected to reach the flood stage in the next two days, including the Navidad (near Houston), which may come within two feet of its record set during the flood of 2017.

Article Icon 1 Stolen Plane Crashes

A 23-year-old flight student has died after crashing a stolen Cessna 172 near the Texas/Oklahoma border.

Logan Timothy James took off from ATP Flight School in Addison and told air traffic control that he wasn’t going to stick to his training exercises and was headed east. He crashed about an hour later.

About right now you’ll probably realize that I’m not going to listen to y’all’s instructions and I’m just heading to East Texas,” he said.

The audio of his communications with the air traffic control tower has been released: listen here

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Around Texas

Padre Island: Thousands of strange-looking eel larvae called leptocephalus have washed up along a 70-mile stretch of Texas coastline. Experts say the rare phenomenon is likely caused by the cold weather. (Photos)

Austin: Film magazine MovieMaker ranked Austin as the fourth-best location for aspiring filmmakers in North America. The relatively low cost of living, along with networking opportunities, helped Austin secure its ranking. (More

Tyler: The Grants for Great Ideas program recently awarded $80K to 26 educators across 16 Tyler ISD campuses. The program helps fund creative teaching methods that aren’t in campus budget plans. (Video)

A Denton County YouTuber is wanted on multiple charges by the Colorado State Police after posting a video of his 150 mph motorcycle ride. (Video)

Mont Belvieu: A family filed a lawsuit against Barbers Hill ISD for allegedly punishing their son for his hairstyle. They claim the school violated the State’s CROWN Act, which prohibits race-based hair discrimination. (More)

Texas Sports

Texas State University quarterback Jayden De Laura has withdrawn from school after details of his involvement in a civil sexual assault case have become widely known. The lawsuit was originally filed in 2021 in De Laura’s home state of Hawaii. (See More) 

Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic had a heated exchange with ESPN’s Tim MacMahon about a heckler removed in the 3rd quarter of a loss to the Phoenix Suns. (Watch) 

➤ Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud is sending Marine Sergeant and Purple Heart recipient Craig Mazeska and his son to this year’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas. The trip is part of the NFL’s partnership with USAA and the Air & Space Forces Association. (More) 

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The Business Of Texas

 Georgia-based Norton Transport has announced a multi-million-dollar investment plan for the San Antonio area. The transportation company will construct a 30-acre terminal for staging commercial vehicles. (More) 

Midland-based Athena Space Homes is building tiny, futuristic smart homes that are priced below $100K and can be delivered within 90 days. (Video

North Texas leads the nation in office space under construction, with more than 6 million square feet in development. The projects represent ten percent of the nation’s ongoing office space construction. (More) 

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Et Cetera

An American Airlines flight headed to Austin was delayed due to a passenger who refused to stop farting. After the smell led to arguments, the perpetrator was forced off the flight. (More

Banquete: A local high school student won first place in the State Congressional Debate Championship in Austin, Texas. Thousands of students compete each year in various debates, speeches, and poetry. (More

➤ The Fort Worth City Council has approved a $315K contract with Block by Block, a private security company that will help police patrol the West 7th entertainment district. (Video

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