Tuesday, February 6, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Border Bill Dead on Arrival

The U.S. Senate recently approved a $118 billion bill that provides funding for southern border security and foreign conflicts. The bill includes $60 billion for Ukraine, $14 billion for Israel, and $20 billion for border security, among other provisions.

It’s getting stiff opposition from House Republicans, however, and Speaker Johnson has declared it “dead on arrival.” GOP lawmakers argue the bill excessively empowers Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, whom Republicans are seeking to impeach.

While many view this bill as an opportunity to tackle border security problems in the U.S., critics argue it would undermine Texas’ border defenses while allocating needed funds to safeguard the borders of foreign nations.

Article Icon 1 World Cup Loss and Victory

The 2026 FIFA World Cup final will not be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, as many thought it would. Although the decision disappointed fans, the stadium will host nine World Cup games in 2026.

A British publication falsely stated the Arlington venue had been chosen for the World Cup Final, but an official announcement confirmed that the last game will be at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Monica Paul, head of the Dallas Sports Commission, has been working for 17 years to bring World Cup games to Arlington and sees the nine-game haul as a massive victory—despite the loss of the final match.

Article Icon 1 Top Beach Towns in Texas

If you want to take advantage of the unexpected warm weather, you might consider visiting these top beach destinations in Texas.

Galveston has a huge stretch of sandy coastline, and it has plenty of attractions on dry land as well—like the Lone Star Flight Museum.

If you prefer small-town charm, then Rockport Beach is the ideal choice. It’s a certified Blue Wave beach, which essentially means that it’s very clean.

Check out the entire list to see if there’s a salty escape for you.

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Around Texas

Abilene: Multiple B-1 supersonic bombers took off from Dyess Air Force Base in response to the drone attack that killed three service members in Jordan. The bombers struck Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps targets in Iraq and Syria. (Video

 Beaumont: Baptist Hospital officials announced the construction of a new $40 million cancer center—streamlining care by combining two health clinics into one. The center is expected to open in the fall of 2025. (Video)

 Fort Worth: After being sued by 28 people, Northland Properties and Atmos Energy have agreed to collaboratively investigate the Sandman Hotel explosion—while keeping the Fort Worth Fire Department in the loop. (More)

➤ San Antonio: An airport police officer and his K9 were selected to work security at the 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Officer Mercado and Rocky are excited about the opportunity. (Video)

Bee Cave: Unsatisfied with Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early spring this year, locals turned yet again to Bee Cave Bob—a Texas armadillo that hasn’t missed a spring prediction since 2011, according to its owner. (Photos)

Texas Sports

The United Football League will begin its first season on March 30 when the Arlington Renegades face the Birmingham Stallions. The 8-team league will play 43 games and conclude in June. (See More)  

Arlington’s AT&T Stadium, aka Jerry World, will assume another alias when the World Cup arrives in 2026. Due to FIFA regulations, The Death Star will be called Dallas Stadium during the nine-game World Cup residency. (More

➤ Texas guard Max Abmas was named Big 12 Newcomer of the Week for the third time this season. He’s scored 41 points in his last two games. (More)

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The Business Of Texas

The economic impact of the nine 2026 World Cup games could mean as much as $480 million to North Texas businesses. One Dallas sports marketing executive said the event was economically comparable to “nine Super Bowls coming to town.” (More

Houston-based Oceaneering International secured $200 million in contracts for offshore energy and marine construction projects. The largest operations will be in the Gulf of Mexico and the Black Sea. (More)

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Et Cetera

West Texas authorities and four federal agencies arrested over fifty people during prostitution and human trafficking sting operations. Massage parlors in the region were the main hubs of the illegal activity. (More

➤ The Fort Worth Zoo announced the birth of a two-pound female mandrill named Ruby—marking the first mandrill birth since 1995. (Video)

 Houston: Gallery Furniture owner Mattress Mack is going viral for his new commercial that references hip-hop terms like “riding dirty” and “knockin on doors.” (Video)

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