Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Southwest Airlines Engine Failures

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines had two in-flight emergencies on flights to Houston in the past week. Both were engine failures on Boeing 737s.

The most recent flight had to turn back to Ft. Lauderdale, and the earlier one had to divert to San Jose Los Cabos International Airport. No injuries were reported on either flight.

This comes after the company decreased its total 737 fleet due to Boeing’s delivery and maintenance issues. Southwest’s CEO Bob Jordan blasted Boeing at the recent JPMorgan conference, demanding they hold themselves to higher standards.

Article Icon 1 City Leadership Caught Trafficking Cocaine

Progreso, TX Mayor Gerardo “Jerry” Alanis, arrested on March 18, was accused in court by a federal agent of storing and packaging cocaine at Dorothy Thompson Middle School.

He’s charged with three counts of cocaine distribution. Last October, his brother, Francisco “Frank” Alanis, a former school board president and assistant city manager, was arrested on similar charges.

On the first day of trial, federal agents testified that they found over 90 pounds of cocaine stored at the school. Additionally, more than $720,000 in cash was discovered at the home of Alanis’ mother.

Both brothers pleaded not guilty, but the judge ruled that both men were a danger to their community. They’ll remain in prison until their next hearing on April 30.

Article Icon 1 List: Best Texas-Made Whiskeys

Texas is experiencing a whiskey boom, with at least 130 spirit distillers and growing. Now the Liquor Laboratory has produced a detailed list of the 15 best Texas-made whiskey brands.

Prices for the different whiskeys on the list range from about $30 on the low end to $240 for the premium Garrison Brothers Cowboy bourbon, made using corn, red winter wheat, and two-row barley aged for five years.

Most of the brands are priced around $50-$60 per bottle. The Liquor Lab notes that Texas is the third great whiskey destination behind Kentucky and Tennessee.

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Around Texas

➤ Amarillo: Company executives for Xcel Energy have begun to slowly re-energize power lines throughout the Panhandle, reestablishing power for around 2,500 Texans. The company de-energized the lines for fire safety. (Get Details)

➤ Deer Park: A county judge issued a statement criticizing Shell’s lack of communication over increased flares from a chemical plant. The judge said the county’s pollution team had received little information from Shell. (More)

➤ Plano: Officials said fishing and boating can resume at White Rock Lake after 1.5 million gallons of sewage flowed in from a nearby creek. Swimming remains prohibited. (More)

➤ Pittsburg: The school district will hold a $93.8 million bond election on May 4 in hopes of winning funding for high school and junior high renovations. (See Details)

➤ Edinburg: The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley was awarded a $6 million grant for colon cancer research. Medical researchers are expected to apply the funds to help address the region’s 49% annual colon cancer diagnosis rate. (Learn More)

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Texas Sports

➤ NBA officials suspended the Houston Rockets’ Jabari Smith Jr. for one game and Utah’s Kris Dunn for two games after the pair fought during Sunday’s game. The game ended with a 147-119 win for the Rockets. (See Video)

➤ The University of Texas baseball team won their three-game series with Baylor 2-1, beating the Bears 10-2 on Saturday and 11-1 on Sunday. Texas is set to play A&M-Corpus Christi tonight at 6:30 pm CST. (See Details)

➤ NASCAR made its 2024 Texas debut over the weekend at Circuit of the Americas. The 3.41-mile track hosted thousands of fans who saw William Byron win his second race of the season. (See Video)

The Business Of Texas

➤ Longview: The Eastman Chemical Company announced plans to construct a second molecular recycling facility. The site is expected to provide over 200 full-time positions and around 1,000 temporary jobs. (More)

➤ Austin: Texas-based supercar maker Hennessey Performance recently crushed the speed record for laps at Circuit of the Americas. Their Venom F5 Revolution clocked a full lap at 2:10.90 seconds, beating the previous record of 2:11.33 seconds. (Watch the Supercar)

➤ Killeen: Metronet announced it will be installing ultra-high-speed fiber-optic internet throughout the area. The first customers are expected to be able to sign up this fall. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ Fort Worth: Hundreds of visitors came to the zoo Sunday to say farewell to popular baby gorilla Jameela ahead of her move to a Cleveland zoo. Delivered by C-section, 11-week-old Jameela was rejected by her mother and other surrogates. (See Video)

➤ Georgetown: East View High School became the only Texas school to gain the rights to perform Harry Potter and the Cursed Child after winning a “Wands at the Ready” national competition that demonstrated why the school should win. (More)

➤ Central Houston Nissan has gained national attention for its marketing. The ads are sharply edited, earning millions of views on X and other platforms. (See Videos)

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The Polling Station

 What’s the best meat for a Texan breakfast?

  1. Bacon
  2. Sausage
  3. Ham
  4. Brisket
  5. Other

Monday’s Results:

What type of schooling is best for 6-12th grade students?

  1. Private: 33.4%
  2. Homeschool: 22.7%
  3. Public: 21.2%
  4. Charter: 15.9%
  5. Other: 6.9%
Texas Trivia

What iconic Texas band is known for their beards and unique blues-boogie-rock music? 

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