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The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Texas AG Strikes Deal with Prosecutors

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and state prosecutors agreed to a deal bringing an end to the security fraud case that Paxton has been fighting for nine years. 

Under the deal’s terms, Paxton won’t admit guilt but is required to pay around $300,000 to the plaintiffs, complete fifteen hours of legal ethics courses, and dedicate 100 hours to community service.

Paxton’s supporters say they see this a way for him to finally put the lawsuit behind him. His opponents argued that the case should have disqualified him from office.

Article Icon 1 Bird Flu Found in Texas Dairy Cows

Officials have identified the mysterious illness affecting Texas dairy cows as a type of bird flu, or Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza.

The Type A H5N1 strain causes lower appetite and lactation in older dairy cows. The Texas Animal Health Commission reports that the infected cows generally recover on their own within ten days.

Federal and state agencies say they’re responding quickly to new cases throughout the country. Although the risk to consumers is low, officials encourage residents to make sure the milk they purchase is pasteurized and not near its expiration date.

Article Icon 1Ransomware Attack Hits Tarrant County

Anonymous hackers have infected the Tarrant County Appraisal District network with ransomware and are threatening to release sensitive information if they aren’t paid $700,000.

The appraisal district manages all property tax exemptions and appraisals for the county. Officials have hired a private security firm, which they declined to identify, to investigate the incident.

This is the second confirmed cyberattack against the agency in recent years, the first dating back to October 2022. Residents and business owners have criticized county leadership for failing to keep up with modern-day cybersecurity measures.

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Around Texas

➤ Odessa: A new Amazon docu-series titled Desert Doc will take global audiences inside the city’s Medical Center Hospital to follow true stories featuring real patients. The series stars Odessa native Dr. Sudip Bose. (See Video)

➤ Needville: Recent hailstorms damaged thousands of solar panels at the Fighting Jays Solar farm. The site is one of many ‘clean energy’ installations in Texas. (More)

➤ Arlington: School district officials announced plans to lay off 275 employees later this year due to the expiration of a $134M federal COVID-relief grant. (Video)

➤ Austin: City and county officials have agreed to launch the region’s first-ever collaborative planning effort for the city’s northeastern district. The plan aims to drastically improve infrastructure in the district. (Learn More)

➤ The Texas A&M Forest Service is helping state and local authorities brace for another round of potential wildfires as dry weather and high winds escalate. Burn bans have been issued for 73 counties. (See Details)

Texas Sports

➤ University of North Texas softball beat Tulsa 3-2 at home, marking the third consecutive ‘walk-off’ victory for the Mean Green. UNT is currently tied for first with Florida Atlantic in the American Athletic Conference. (Get the Stats)

➤ AT&T Stadium and the Cotton Bowl have been ranked among the country’s top ten most accessible and convenient sporting venues. (See the List)

➤ The Humble Atascocita High School track team broke a 26-year-old record by running a 4×100 relay in 38.92, beating the 1998 record of 39.76. (See Details)

The Business Of Texas

➤ Amarillo: FirstBank Southwest has paid out $56K to local high schools through the ‘Spirit Card Program’ that offered each school personalized debit cards featuring their mascot. The bank contributed a portion of every transaction to the respective school districts. (Video)

➤ The Porta Potty business is booming throughout North Texas due to multiple cities reserving them for April’s total eclipse gatherings. John Banda, owner of North Texas Porta Potties, says that he only has a few dozen left for rent, with other businesses already selling out. (See Details)

➤ Southwest Airlines executives announced the company is expected to begin offering overnight flights. While further details are still being worked on, Southwest confirmed the red-eye commute will begin with a Las Vegas to Hawaii route. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ A puppy found in a box behind a dumpster is now on her way to becoming a bomb-sniffing dog at Houston-based Furry Heroes Dog Training. The puppy, named Freyja, was adopted by the company’s owner. (Watch the Video)

➤ Grand Prairie: Over a dozen singers auditioned to perform the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the Lone Star Park racetrack. The 2024 racing season is expected to begin on April 18 and last through July 14. (See Video)

➤ Texans spotted strange lights in the night sky on Monday, which turned out to be a SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket soaring into orbit to release Starlink satellites. (Check out the Video)

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