Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Appeals Court Halts Ruling on Texas Bill

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily halted a previous ruling that stopped Texas from enacting an illegal immigration law.

If the federal government does not appeal the decision, Senate Bill 4—which grants Texas the authority to arrest and prosecute individuals crossing the border illegally—will go into effect on March 9.

This legislation is the state’s comprehensive initiative to tackle illegal border crossings. While opponents believe the state is overstepping federal authority, supporters argue Texas wouldn’t have needed SB4 if the federal government did its job.

Article Icon 1 Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues School Districts

Ken Paxton has filed lawsuits against Huffman and Aledo independent school districts for allegedly instructing staff to vote for specific candidates in the primary election.

This comes after Paxton sued Denton, Frisco, Denison, and Castleberry school districts for similar alleged violations related to illegal electioneering.

So far, Collin and Tarrant County courts have directed the districts and their employees not to use funds or resources to engage in electioneering, violating the Texas Election Code.

Article Icon 1 The Last Dreadnought Rises Again

The historic battleship USS Texas, after undergoing an extensive $75 million restoration over 18 months, is returning to the Galveston channel today.

Regarded as the last true dreadnought, the iconic vessel was launched in 1912 and served in both world wars. The ship was decommissioned in 1948 and became a floating museum.

Today, the Battleship Texas Foundation has continued to be the ship’s caretakers after the nonprofit took complete ownership from the state in 2020.

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Around Texas

➤ Californian officials recently offered assistance to Texan firefighters battling the ongoing wildfires. The Golden State is one of many providing aid as the fires continue to rage throughout the Panhandle. (More)

➤ The Texas southern border will soon receive National Guard troops from Tennessee—the latest of 15 states that have deployed guard forces in support of Operation Lone Star, which was enacted in 2021. (More)

➤ Austin: Police Association President Michael Bullock has expressed dire concern about the city’s police staffing crisis. Since 2020, the city council has continued to slash funding for the department, bringing it to a near collapse. (More)

➤ Houston: Authorities are urging rodeo attendees to be vigilant when using rideshare services due to an increase in people posing as Uber drivers. Rideshare vehicles are only permitted at NRG Stadium’s Yellow Lots. (Video)

➤ Ben Wheeler: Freshman Kara Nixon, from Martin’s Mill High School, scored her team’s final ten points in the 2A basketball state basketball championship, including the game-winner at the buzzer. (Watch It)

Texas Sports

➤ Texas State’s baseball team secured an 11-10 win over the Longhorns. The Bobcats jumped out to a 6-0 lead after the first two innings, and Aaron Lugo hit a two-out, two-run homer in the top of the 9th to take back the lead for good. The most impressive part? Lugo was blowing a massive bubblegum bubble while he cranked the home run. (Photos)

 Former Texas Tech track & field all-American Monae’ Nichols won the silver medal in the long jump at the indoor World Championship in Glasgow, Scotland. Nichols threw down her best jump of the season at 22 feet and 5 3/4 inches. (Video)

➤ The San Antonio Spurs changed their jerseys for cooking aprons at the Champions Against Hunger dinner. The exclusive fundraising event, hosted by the Spurs’ head coach, garnered $200K for the San Antonio Food Bank. (More)

The Business Of Texas

➤ Mitsubishi struck a $200 million deal with Digital Realty to construct two data centers in the Dallas metro area. This marks Mitsubishi’s first venture in the U.S. data center market, and it hopes to see an $800 million return on investment. (More)

Fort Worth-based American Airlines is set to buy 260 new aircraft from Embraer, Boeing, and Airbus. While the FAA is still putting Boeing under intense scrutiny, the airline still gave the manufacturer a vote of confidence. (More)

➤ British Airways and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport recently celebrated their 10-year partnership. As part of the celebration, the airline will offer barbecue paired with its exclusive ‘BA-B-Q’ sauce on flights from Austin to London. (Video)

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Et Cetera

➤ A Texas toddler has gone viral for her ‘Golden Girls’ haircut. The 1-year-old’s grandmother, Trina King, took advantage of the girl’s unusually thick hair and transformed her into a nostalgic 80s celebrity. (Video)

➤ An Austin teen named Alice Scott was named Texas High School Journalist of the Year. Scott hopes to secure the national title when she represents Texas at the National High School Journalism Convention in early April. (Video)

➤ Jeep has released a new Lone Star trim for its 2024 Gladiator lineup. The exclusive Gladiator Texas Trail comes with the standard all-terrain features, along with an ‘1836’ decal on the hood and tailgate, honoring Texas Independence. (Photos)

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