Wednesday, March 6, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Super Texas Tuesday

Texans went to the polls yesterday for Super Tuesday primary voting.

Former President Donald Trump secured the GOP presidential nomination with 78% of the vote, and Ted Cruz easily won the nomination for his current seat in the U.S. Senate.

Colin Allred grabbed the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate and will challenge Ted Cruz in the general election.

In a hotly contested race for the Texas House Speakership, incumbant Dade Phelan failed to get a majority of votes, and he’s now headed for a runoff in May with challenger David Covey—who has the support of AG Ken Paxton and President Trump.

In Harris County, DA Kim Ogg will not return to office after losing to her former deputy, Sean Teare. 

Article Icon 1 Supreme Court Delays Texas Border Law

The U.S. Supreme Court has postponed the enforcement of Texas’ SB4 immigration law until March 13th. The proposed law would allow state officials to arrest and prosecute individuals crossing the border illegally.

This came immediately after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court that blocked the law.

Justice Samuel Alito gave the order to give the Supreme Court more time to consider whether it would take the case.

Article Icon 1 Texas is Top Eclipse Destination

Airbnb has recorded a 600% spike in searches for rental properties in Texas and says that Texas is the top destination for viewing the 2024 solar eclipse on April 8.

The central region around Austin has one of the highest number of bookings in the nation, with visitors traveling from major cities such as Seattle, Chicago, and even Mexico City.

County officials are bracing for their populations to explode and have urged residents to prepare for fuel shortages, cell network disruptions, and traffic congestion.

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Around Texas

➤ Satellite imagery of wildfire damage in the Panhandle has been released, showing impacted communities before and after the fire. State officials have confirmed that considerable progress has been made in containment. (Photos)

➤ Houston firefighters have reached a tentative contract agreement with Mayor John Whitmire that includes higher wages. Firefighter union president Marty Lancton said he hopes the new deal will heal the division between the city and first responders. (Video)

➤ Georgetown: City council officials have approved nearly $600,000 for additional improvements to the D.B. Wood road widening project. The funds will provide electricity to a proposed new high school and various safety features. (More)

➤ Frisco: The Academy of Country Music has chosen the Ford Center as the site of its upcoming awards show on May 16, hosted by Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks. Ticket sales will begin on March 8. (Video)

➤ San Antonio Zoo officials have broken ground on a new $15 million gorilla exhibit. The new climate-controlled facility is part of a larger $65 million zoo expansion project and will feature the first gorillas in over 30 years. (More)

Longview: Tobacco Junction, a cigar shop with the largest walk-in humidor in Texas, will host the 2nd annual East Texas Cigar Festival on March 8 and 9. This year’s event will host 16 vendors, free beer, and various food vendors. (More)

Texas Sports

➤ Texas Longhorn Arch Manning has chosen not to license his likeness to EA Sports for its upcoming College Football ‘25 video game. He said that he prefers to focus on playing football on an actual field, not a virtual one. (More)

➤ Waco: Jalen Bridges led No. 11 Baylor to a 93-85 win over Texas on Monday. Bridges, a projected second-round NBA draft pick, scored a career-high 32 points in what was likely his last home game for Baylor. (Watch Highlights)

 Houston basketball is well-positioned to win the Big 12 regular season title in its first season in the conference. They have a one-game lead with two games remaining, and they’re projected to be a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. (More)

The Business Of Texas

➤ Boca Chica: Texas Parks and Wildlife officials announced that the state can begin land swap negotiations with SpaceX at Boca Chica State Park. The current proposal would give 43 acres to SpaceX and allocate 477 acres for a new stake park nearby. (More)

➤ Plano-based DZS Inc. has announced a partnership with Rural Telecommunications America to provide fiber connectivity to over 6,000 business and residential customers in the Bolivar Peninsula region. The upgrade will drastically improve internet, voice, and video services. (More)

➤ A Fort Worth company called Geek Therapeutics is being sued by Iowa-based Tabletop Adventure LLC for slander and copyright infringement—arguing that the Texas company stole character designs for an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons game. (More)

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Et Cetera

Corpus Christi: A 14-foot great white shark named “LeeBeth” was pinged off the coast of South Padre Island. A new app called Sharktivity allows users to track shark movements across the oceans in real-time. (Video)

➤ Battleship Texas successfully left dry-dock yesterday while shrouded in early-morning fog in the Galveston channel. (See photos)

A Texas woman put in a flower order and received a bouquet of puppies instead of poppies. After placing an order of poppy flowers for her company, the flower shop mistakenly designed flowers to look like puppies. (See the Video)

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The Polling Station

 How long did you wait in line to vote yesterday?

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  2. 30 minutes to an hour
  3. Over an hour
  4. I didn’t vote

Tuesday’s Results:

Which Texas university has the most spirited fan base?

  1. Texas A&M: 43.6%
  2. University of Texas: 14.9%
  3. Texas Tech: 12.4%
  4. Baylor: 9.1%
  5. TCU: 7.2%
  6. University of Houston: 6.6%
  7. Other: 6.3%
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