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The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Texas GOP Election Fallout

A slate of sixteen state Republican lawmakers found themselves on the wrong side of Governor Abbott, AG Ken Paxton, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick leading up to Super Tuesday, and five were ousted from their seats yesterday. Four more have been forced into runoffs. 

The group is made up of opponents of Governor Abbott’s school voucher program last year, as well as supporters of AG Paxton’s attempted impeachment. Their opponents received endorsements and campaign funding—much of it from out-of-state groups. 

State House speaker Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont), who led the impeachment movement against Paxton, was a primary target of the campaign and only just avoided an outright loss yesterday. He’ll fight for his seat in a runoff election against David Covey in May. 

Article Icon 1 Moving Forward in the Panhandle 

The containment of the Smokehouse Creek Fire has reached 44%, and the true extent of the damage is becoming apparent. Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller had this to say:

“We have over 120 miles of power lines down… Most of the stock up there is watered through water troughs. That means a pump. That means no electricity, no water.”

While the fire damage is severe, Meteorologists show favorable weather conditions on the horizon. The forecast predicts cooler temperatures, decreased wind, and increased humidity.

Hundreds have made the trek to the region and provided much-needed support, with #panhandlestrong trending on X.

Article Icon 1 Top 13 Texas Coffee Brands

Are you exhausted from Super Tuesday? Consider these thirteen Texas coffee brands to help fuel your day.

In Tolar, you’ll find the small-batch roasting company Whiskey Morning Coffee. It began as a TCU college project and offers distinct flavors of coffee, like coconut and pecan.

Anderson’s Coffee Company has been mastering its coffee bean craft in central Texas since 1972. It’s a family-run operation with customers around the world, and it’s worth considering if you want Texas beans sent to your door.

From small-town micro-stores to large-scale breweries, Texas offers a wide range of coffee for those who need that extra kick in their life.

Check out the whole list here.

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Around Texas

➀ Houston: At the Johnson Space Center, NASA celebrated the recent graduation of ten new astronauts. After two years of basic training, the candidates earned the coveted silver astronaut pin—a tradition dating back to the Mercury 7 space program. The silver pin will be swapped for a gold one once they enter space. (Photos)

➀ Longview: A 40-year-old man, Klaus Williams, received a 12-year prison sentence following his arrest by state troopers for transporting 200 pounds of marijuana and 90 pounds of marijuana-infused candies. His arrest took place in 2019, and he underwent sentencing on Tuesday. (Video)

➀ Canadian: At the Hemphill County Exhibition Center, the U.S. Department of Agriculture introduced a simplified procedure for wildfire victims to seek financial aid for significant damage. (More)

➀ Rockport: Local museum volunteer Pam Stranahan was recently awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the Texas Historical Commission. From writing books to excavating ships, she supported historic preservation efforts throughout Aransas County for over 25 years. (Photos)

➀ Mansfield: A North Texas couple made a last-minute decision to relocate their wedding venue to a local senior living center, allowing the bride’s 87-year-old mother, Ms. Maggie, to attend. The scene drew in dozens of solitary elders and off-duty staff. (Video)

Texas Sports

➀ The Texans reached a $36 million deal to hold onto tight end Dalton Schultz for three years, with $23.5 million due at signing. The 27-year-old had 635 receiving yards and five touchdowns last season after ending his five-year stint with the Cowboys. (More)

➀ The 130-year rivalry between the Longhorns and Aggies got bloody at last night’s baseball game, as an A&M student manager got struck in the face by a UT foul ball. The bloodied Aggie was treated for his wounds and celebrated A&M’s 9-2 win. (Video)

➀ Houston Rocket’s Alperen Şengün achieved a career-high 45 points in a 114-101 victory over the San Antonio Spurs. He also outperformed rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama with five steals, three assists, and one block. (More)

The Business Of Texas

➀ Corpus Christi: Canadian oil company Enbridge Inc. announced that $500 million will be spent on business development in Texas. This investment will include the expansion of the Gray Oak pipeline, adding 2.5 million barrels to its Ingleside Energy Center, and purchasing two shipping docks. (More)

➀ Dallas-based Hunt Realty is fighting against an elevated high-speed rail line that would connect Fort Worth to Dallas. Company leadership argues it would hinder their $5 billion development plans for a new entertainment district. (More)

➀ Dairy Queen listened to its fans and is bringing back its annual Free Cone Day. Texans will be able to get a free small cone at various locations on March 19. DQ Rewards members will also receive double points on the same day. (Get the Scoop)

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Et Cetera

➀ An Austin man purchased a wooden bureau and discovered historical WWI photos taken in the United Kingdom. British historians reached out and confirmed that a Royal Air Force Pilot took the photos. (Photos)

➀ Houston: The Johnson Space Center unveiled a new exhibit showcasing an asteroid sample estimated to be 4.5 billion years old. The sample was retrieved from NASA’s seven-year OSIRIS-REx mission. (Photos)

➀ An El Paso firefighter and self-taught photographer captured a stunning night-time image of a Boeing 777 flying in front of a full moon. The shot took years of preparation to capture. (Photo)

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