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The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Border Patrol Sides with Texas

Tensions between Texas and the Biden administration continue to develop. In response to politicians calling on Biden to federalize the Texas National Guard, Governor Abbott said the move would be a “massive political blunder.” This comes after 26 states supported Texas’ defense of the southern border.

Additionally, the U.S. Border Patrol has clarified that it has no intention to remove any razor wire along the border. Despite media narratives to the contrary, Border Patrol leadership has affirmed Texas’ mission to protect the country and fellow Texans.

The Border Patrol Union published a statement on X:

Rank-and-file BP agents appreciate and respect what TX has been doing to defend their state in the midst of this catastrophe that the Biden Admin has unleashed on America.

Article Icon 1State Supreme Court Hears Gender Case

Texas Supreme Court justices have begun hearing a challenge to a new state law that bans sex change surgeries for children. Five families and three doctors sued the state last year, claiming the law violates individual rights.

The law prevents minors from undergoing sex change surgeries until they’re 18. Transgender activists have characterized it as government overreach.

State officials say that individuals are not able to reasonably consent to an irreversible procedure until they’re 18. Conversely, the plaintiff’s lawyer argued that parents should be allowed to authorize the surgeries without government intervention.

Article Icon 1 Austin Gov Apologizes for Segregated Meeting

The Austin Parks & Recreation Department has drawn criticism for scheduling racially segregated meetings as part of its Equity and Inclusion program.

The meetings, labeled “Anti-racist Affinity Spaces,” were divided into separate sessions for “white folks” and “people of color.” An email sent by Magaly Lopez, a Parks & Rec employee, asked individuals only to attend meetings designated for their racial group.

This segregation angered the multi-racial department staff, who argued that the decision worked against actual equality. Within 24 hours of the email’s release, the department director, Kimberly McNeeley, apologized for the planned segregated meetings.

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Around Texas

➤ Austin-Bergstrom Airport was the first in the U.S. to receive a new Air Traffic Control simulator that provides more realistic training scenarios for new controllers. Texas is experiencing a shortage of air traffic controllers, along with the rest of the nation. (Video

➤ The city of Sulphur Springs is preparing for an influx of international visitors for the upcoming solar eclipse. The town has been ranked as the 8th best viewing spot in the world, and city officials are bracing for an estimated 15,000 vehicles. (Video

➤ San Antonio: The Texas Golden Gloves non-profit organization will host the annual city youth boxing championship from Feb 16th through the 18th. Winners will travel to Fort Worth for the state championship. (More

➤ A Fort Worth man received a life sentence for running over a city police officer. Although he survived, the officer endured 60 surgeries for a brain injury, collapsed lung, and broken bones. (Video

➤ Galveston: After departing from the port of Galveston, a Carnival cruise ship saved two men who were adrift in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship coordinated with the Mexican Navy to return the men safely to the U.S. (More

Texas Sports

➤ The Big 12 released its 2024 football schedule—the first without former conference heavyweights Texas and Oklahoma. Conference play begins Sept. 14 with UCF at TCU and concludes Thanksgiving weekend. (More

➤ In a 3-game span, Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Dončić has scored or assisted on 239 points. Dončić’s hot streak is second only to Wilt Chamberlain, who had 3-game spans of 243 and 246 points. (More) 

➤ The No. 4 ranked Houston Cougars needed overtime to beat Texas, 76-72. Houston’s Jamal Shead led all scorers with 25 points. (More

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The Business Of Texas

➤ American Airlines will cut more than 320 customer service jobs in North Texas and an additional 355 workers in Phoenix, Arizona. Airline officials claim the reorganization will “provide an even higher level of support” for customers. (More

➤Ten lawsuits have now been filed in Dallas County in connection with the Jan. 8th Sandman Signature Hotel explosion in Fort Worth that injured 21 people. Atmos Energy and hotel owners, Northland Properties, have been named in lawsuits. (More) 

➤ Spec’s, a Houston-based liquor store chain, has partnered with hi-Seltzer, a Kentucky beverage company, to distribute a non-alcoholic seltzer infused with delta-8, a legal form of THC derived from hemp. (More).

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Et Cetera

➤ Bryan: A massive fire engulfed the Feather Crest Chicken Farm on Monday evening. Over 100 firefighters arrived on the scene to deal with the blaze, and the cause has yet to be determined. (Video

➤ Laredo: County officials announced $1.6 million in funding for residents needing help with electricity bills. Those in need can apply through the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program. (Video

➤ Texas ranked #2 in a national Wallethub study for satisfaction in local dating scenes. Singles preferred Texas because of its high employment rates, variety of attractions, and online dating popularity. Florida ranked first, and West Virginia came in last. (More)

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