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The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Texas Attorney General Gets a Reprieve

The Texas Supreme Court has paused the scheduled deposition of Texas AG Ken Paxton in a whistleblower lawsuit. He’s been accused of firing aides in retaliation for bringing corruption allegations to the FBI. In 2023, the State senate acquitted him of all charges.

On Tuesday, the high court gave the plaintiff’s attorneys until February 29th to prepare their case, delaying Paxton’s first sworn statements on the corruption allegations.

Many GOP allies consider this a short-term victory for Paxton, who’s been working to avoid being deposed. The court’s decision came after former President Donald Trump posted on social media in support of Paxton:

Enough time and money has been wasted forcing Texas Attorney Ken Paxton to defend himself.

Article Icon 1 Convoy Moves Closer to Texas

The Take Our Border Back convoy is moving closer to Texas. While the numbers aren’t confirmed, their February 3rd protest is expected to draw over 700K people.

As negative narratives form online, organizer Kim Yeater says the convoy is merely a peaceful assembly of like-minded people who are protesting the escalating border crisis:

What’s really important is our goal; our mission is to shine the spotlight on open borders and educate Americans of the imminent dangers. We’re all about safe, legal immigration by vetting the people coming in.

While many have shown support for their cause, others worry it will disrupt operations at the border and put lives at risk.

Article Icon 1 Top Romantic Getaways

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Texas, you might consider these Top 12 Airbnb rentals.

The small city of Lumberton offers a wood cabin in the thick, piney woods of East Texas.

For those wanting wide open spaces, the small town of Wimberly has an Airbnb fit for a king and queen.

Check out the whole list to see if there’s a special place for you and your valentine.

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Around Texas

➤ Clifton: Local authorities arrested ten people for selling methamphetamine out of a Dairy Queen—concluding the 6-month-long investigation called “Operation Blizzard.” (More)

Darrouzett: A gas pipeline exploded late Tuesday night, causing 500ft flames to shoot into the air. Firefighters and pipeline management successfully turned off the blaze with no reported injuries; the cause has yet to be determined. (Video)

Laredo: Starting in February, the Texas Department of Transportation will begin a five-year $360 million expansion to US Hwy 59/Loop 20. Three lanes will be added in both directions, along with three frontage road lines for each side. (Video)

Fort Worth: The JPS Health Network announced the installation of an AI-based gun detection software called ZeroEyes. The software will be implemented into existing security cameras and will help personnel identify firearms hidden in people’s clothing. (More)

A Houston family was shocked to receive a $21,000 water bill. After the city’s Public Works Department ensured they would investigate the issue, the family was still put onto a payment plan. Houston Mayor John Whitmire assured the bill would be dismissed. (Video)

Longview: The Texas Electric Transportation Resource Alliance showcased its traveling exhibition of electric vehiclesranging from the F-150 Lightning to an Electric School Bus. The organization’s goal was to educate locals on the benefits of electric vehicles. (Video

Texas Sports

➤ Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made a cryptic comment to reporters when asked about former New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who’s currently unemployed: “There’s no doubt in my mind we could work together. None. None.” (More

➤ The governing body of high school sports in Texas announced the results of its district realignment for 2024-2026. Realignment occurs every two years and is based on total school enrollment. (More

The Houston Rockets needed just 46 games to match last year’s win total of 22. One beat writer pointed to improved team chemistry and youth as reasons that the Rockets are on pace to win 40 games this year. (More

The Business Of Texas

Elon Musk floated the idea of reincorporating Tesla in Texas after a Delaware court voided his $55 billion pay package. After the ruling, Musk said,  “Never incorporate your company in the state of Delaware.” (More)

Houston-based Phillips 66 posted $1.3 billion in earnings in the fourth-quarter. President and CEO Mark Lashier credited the company’s “diversified and integrated” holdings as the basis for strong returns. (More

North Texas restaurants have experienced a “Keith Lee Effect” after the popular food critic began posting reviews on social media. Lee has 15 million followers and his reviews have led to a boost for several local restaurants. (See Video

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Et Cetera

The French Bulldog has been named the most popular dog breed in Texas. According to a national PetLab study that examined Google search trends, Texans looked up ‘French Bulldogs’ more than any other breed. (More)

Gilmer: Local authorities discovered 70 marijuana plants at a local house after responding to an explosion on the property. The Upshur County Sheriff’s Office is investigating what led to the explosion and is looking for suspects. (Video)

Laredo: A Texas fisherman caught a massive 62-pound blue catfish at Falcon Lake. After the Texas Parks and Wildlife Agency measured the catch at 45.5 inches, the man received the Outstanding Angler Award. (Photo)

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