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The Roundup

Article Icon 1No Texas Presidential Debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates canceled four scheduled debates—including one at Texas State University on September 16—after the candidates sidestepped the commission and agreed to arrange their own debates.

The San Marcos debate would have been the first presidential debate held in Texas, and the university planned to spend $5 million on the event.

Last month, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump agreed to two network-sponsored debates after criticizing the commission’s debate format, schedule, and perceived bias.

Article Icon 1Texas Best State For Business, Again 

For the second year in a row, Texas’ business climate was ranked best in the nation by Business Facilities magazine, a publication marketed to executives looking to relocate their companies.

In a press release highlighting the recognition, Gov. Abbott touted the state’s absence of a personal and corporate income tax, its reasonable regulatory environment, and its skilled workforce.

More than $60 billion in capital investment and 35,000 new jobs are expected from the 1,200 company expansions or relocations in Texas last year. The Texas economy—the eighth largest in the world—grew at a rate of 5.7% last year, compared to 2.5% nationally.

Article Icon 1Blue Bell Fans to Vote on Old Flavors

Texas icon Blue Bell Ice Cream is asking fans to help pick one of its discontinued flavors to bring back full-time in “The Great Scoop Revival Flavor Tournament.”

The online bracket-style tournament features 16 discontinued flavors—like Groom’s Cake, Cherry Amaretto Cordial, and Creole Cream Cheese—that fans can vote on through this Friday, with new matchups each day until a winner is chosen.

The company has produced over 300 flavors throughout its history, and its current year-round lineup includes 24.

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Around Texas

Plano: The city council approved a motion to reduce sales tax payments to Dallas Area Rapid Transit as ridership remains well below pre-pandemic levels. Despite the council’s decision, voters may get to decide on the proposal to lower payments from 1 cent to 3/4 cent of the city’s sales tax. (More)

Amarillo: Potter County officials are planning to build a $30 million addition to the county jail after reaching the 599-inmate capacity. The new “pod” would house up to 144 more inmates. (See Video)

Waco: Starting July 1, residents can water outdoors only three days a week year-round after the city council adopted a water conservation and drought contingency plan. (See Video)

Dallas: Former City Manager T.C. Broadnax received over $467,000 in severance, including a year’s salary and unused vacation pay, after resigning last month. Mayor Eric Johnson opposed the payout to Broadnax, now Austin’s city manager. (More)

Lubbock: Police fatally shot a drunk 38-year-old man who was destroying property with a pickax and tried to attack an officer with the tool. (See Details)

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Texas Sports

➤ Justin Verlander hasn’t resumed throwing since his neck injury, manager Joe Espada says. The Astros put Verlander on the 15-day injured list and can activate him on July 1, but the right-hander’s progress has been slower than expected. Without Verlander, the Astros have used a four-man rotation but may add another starter if his injury persists. (More)

➤ Texas A&M’s Kyle Field will be the toughest stadium to play in for the upcoming EA Sports College Football 25 video game. The Aggies went 6-1 at home in 2023. (More)

➤ The Longhorns fired longtime baseball coach David Pierce after a 10-2 loss to Louisiana eliminated the team from the postseason earlier this month. During his eight years in the role, Pierce led UT to three Big 12 championships and College World Series appearances. (More)

Yesterday’s results: MLB | WNBA | Copa América 

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The Business Of Texas

Hooters announced it would close dozens of locations nationwide, including eight in Texas, due to underperformance and economic challenges. (See Details)

Over 2,000 people lost their jobs as Humble-based U.S. Logistics Solutions abruptly closed and filed for bankruptcy. The company informed employees via text messages and conference calls, bypassing the federal WARN notice requirement. (More)

San Antonio construction company Zachry Group claims Exxon and Qatar may have committed fraud at the Golden Pass LNG terminal, alleging mismanagement and financial discrepancies. (More)

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Et Cetera

A 13-year-old girl from Frisco founded DriveIt, a website to help drivers book faster DMV appointments based on cancellations. (More)

Texas ranked No. 1 in a list of best states for summer road trips, earning the top spot for its attractions, safety, and affordability. (See List)

➤ Texas-born George Strait, the “King of Country,” has been named part of the 2025 class for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (See Details)

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