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The Roundup

Article Icon 1600,000 North Texas Homes Lose Power

Over 600,000 homes in North Texas were hit with power outages after more storms blew through the region Tuesday morning, and the outages could last several days for some people.

DFW airport grounded most planes Tuesday morning due to weather, impacting more than 700 flights. The storms also delayed the opening of some North Texas polling stations on election day.

On Monday night, the storms dropped large chunks of hail across the area, including in Dallas, breaking windows and windshields. Some cars blocked traffic by stopping under overpasses to avoid the large balls of ice.

Article Icon 1Phelan Survives Primary Challenge

Texans went to the polls Tuesday to vote in primary runoff elections, the most significant being Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan’s narrow victory over Trump-backed challenger David Covey.

According to a recent analysis, more than $7 million was spent on political advertising for the contest, making it the most expensive in Texas history.

In other races, proponents of Gov. Abbott’s school choice agenda scored several wins against incumbents who voted against it in the last session, while gun-rights social media influencer Brandon Herrera was in a tight contest with moderate Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales.

See the full results here.

Article Icon 1A&M Plan Would Beef Up Power Grid

Texas A&M wants to beef up the state’s power grid by building a network of “peaker” power plants on university-owned land around the state, and it’s invited developers to submit proposals for creating it.

The university has identified 30-50 sites on land it owns where gas lines and power lines intersect, allowing gas-fired plants to be brought online for short periods when the grid is strained.

The power plants could be eligible for low-interest loans from the newly created Texas Energy Fund, which has $5 billion available for investment.

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Around Texas

➤ Laredo: City officials are implementing water conservation measures in the face of a drought and the Amistad Reservoir dropping to 20% capacity. The plan limits residents to watering their lawns one day a week. (More)

➤ Dallas: The city council increased the minimum investment required for developers to work on the underutilized RedBird Mall to $150 million. That’s up from an initial threshold of $135 million. (More)

➤ Trinity: FEMA is opening a disaster recovery center at the Trinity ISD administration building to provide one-on-one assistance to residents affected by the severe storms and flooding. Small Business Administration officials will also be on hand. (More)

➤ Austin: Project Connect, the multibillion-dollar light rail plan approved by voters in 2020, has entered the development phase for a Federal Transit Administration grant program. Officials hope to receive federal funding for up to 50% of project costs. (More)

➤ Alpine: A fire consumed several businesses and shut down U.S. 67 in both directions for two miles on Sunday. No one was severely injured. (See photos)

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Texas Sports

➤ The Dallas Stars overcame an early 0-2 deficit to beat the Edmonton Oilers 5-3 Monday to take a 2-1 lead in the NHL Western Conference Finals. Stars left wing Jason Robertson scored a hat trick to break a 10-game scoring drought. (See video)

➤ 41-year-old Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander passed Greg Maddux to claim the No. 10 spot on the all-time career strikeouts list, while the team placed pitcher Christian Javier on the 15-day injured list. (More)

➤ None of the four college teams from Texas who played in the NCAA Men’s Golf Championship advanced beyond the qualifying rounds to match play. UT finished 13th, and Baylor was 14th. (See results)

Yesterday’s results: MLB | NBA | NHL | WNBA

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The Business Of Texas

➤ Kroger, Tom Thumb, and other major grocery retailers have responded to H-E-B’s recent move into the DFW market by announcing or opening 40 stores since last year. (More)

➤ Houston-based liquor retailer Spec’s has partnered with the Texas Rangers, drawing the ire of some Astros fans who see the move as a sign of disloyalty. (More)

➤ Dallas-based Southwest Airlines is partnering with Google for the first time to let customers use the search engine to find and book flights. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ A 104-year-old World War II veteran has taken up skydiving, and a local TV station filmed him in action in San Marcos. Ernie Columbus said he never jumped out of an airplane during his 26-year career in the military, but  “I just decided I was going to jump, and that was it.” (See video)

➤ Texas native Jesse Plemons won the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival Saturday for his performance in “Kinds of Kindness,” a three-part anthology by director Yorgos Lanthimos. (See teaser)

➤ Bill Gates went to Pinkerton’s Barbecue in Houston to film a video where he recommends several books and a TV show to check out over the summer. Pinkerton’s has been named one of Texas Monthly’s Top 50 Texas BBQ Joints. (More)

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