Thursday, July 11, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1Power Still Out For Much of Southeast Texas

As the heat index in Houston soared over 100 Wednesday, over 1.6 million homes in Southeast Texas were still without power two days after Hurricane Beryl pounded the region.

As crews rush to fix downed power lines, CenterPoint Energy has come under scrutiny for not having more mutual assistance workers from other providers in place before the storm hit. 

Inaccuracies in CenterPoint’s outage tracker have added to residents’ frustration, prompting many to use Whataburger’s app—which shows which of its stores have power—to track the progress of the restoration effort.

Local jurisdictions and several nonprofits have set up temporary cooling centers, and 250 beds were set up in Houston’s NRG Arena for discharged hospital patients.

Article Icon 1Texas Democrats Split On Biden As Nominee

As Democrats in Congress continue to question whether President Biden should remain at the top of the ticket in November, those representing Texas are split on the issue.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Austin) was the first Democrat in the U.S. House to urge Biden to drop his reelection bid, saying Tuesday that “the debate cannot be unseen.”

Rep. Jasmine Crockett (Dallas) said a poor performance during a 90-minute debate shouldn’t overshadow Biden’s accomplishments over the past three and half years. Reps. Veronica Escobar (El Paso) and Vicente Gonzalez (McAllen) expressed similar sentiments.

Rep. Collin Allred (Dallas), who is challenging Sen. Ted Cruz for his seat, said he is “still processing” things, while Rep. Marc Veasey (Fort Worth) is encouraging colleagues to disavow Biden if they believe that would help them win reelection.

Article Icon 1A.I. Reveals Emotions Of Texas Football Fans

A recent AI analysis by Sportsbook Review of over 20,000 selfies taken at NFL stadiums has revealed intriguing insights about Texas football fans.

Despite the team’s popularity, Dallas Cowboys fans ranked as the fifth saddest fan base in the NFL. They were also ranked as the most surprised and scared fans in the league, no doubt due to the team’s rollercoaster performances and recent playoff disappointments.

In contrast, Houston Texans fans emerged as the calmest in the NFL, possibly reflecting Houston’s reputation as the sixth most relaxing city in the U.S. See the full analysis here.

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The Flyover

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Around Texas

➤ McAllen: Nineteen police officers will travel to Milwaukee this weekend to assist with security at the Republican National Convention. The department was selected to help with the event after responding to a nationwide survey. (See Details)

Webb County: Border Patrol agents found a Michigan woman and her baby four days after they were reported missing last week. The woman said she ran out of gas while trying to get to South Padre Island. (More)

Dallas: Vice President Kamala Harris addressed 20,000 Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority members Wednesday at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Harris joined the sorority when she attended Howard University in the 1980s. (See Details)

Starr County: The federal government sued on Monday to seize 933 acres of Laredo city land through eminent domain for a proposed 20-mile border wall section. (See Details)

➤ Amarillo: The Tascosa, a 1950s-era drive-in theater that closed after its owners retired, is reopening under new management with plans to sell wine and beer and introduce mobile ordering and payment for food and tickets. (See Photo)

Reeves County: A large fire destroyed a facility owned by oil and gas company Permian Resources on Wednesday. No injuries were reported. (See Photo)

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Texas Sports

Alex Bregman’s lead-taking home run in the 7th inning Tuesday against the Marlins propelled the Astros to their 14th win in 18 games. The Astros now sit just two games back of first place in the AL West. (See Video)

Lulu Sun, a former Texas Longhorn, made history at Wimbledon by becoming the first Grand Slam quarterfinalist in program history and the first New Zealand woman to reach that stage in the Open era. (More)

Adolis Garcia hit a clutch home run in the 8th inning against the Angels Tuesday to extend the Rangers’ season-best win streak to five games. (See Video)

Yesterday’s results: MLB | Wimbledon | WNBA | Tour de France | Copa América | EURO 2024 

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The Business Of Texas

➤ Ryan, a global tax services firm based in Dallas, is acquiring Altus Group’s property tax division for $500 million. If regulators approve, the deal would expand Ryan’s market reach and add 975 jobs globally. (See Details)

➤ Spectrum restored services across Texas after a seven-hour outage Tuesday caused by a “third-party infrastructure issue” associated with the impact of Hurricane Beryl. (See Details)

➤ Dallas-based American Rounds is installing ammunition vending machines with built-in AI technology in grocery stores across Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas, allowing customers to buy bullets alongside groceries. (More)

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Et Cetera

 A Texas City H-E-B bakery’s humorous Hurricane Beryl-themed cake went viral on social media. The cheeky creation sparked various reactions, highlighting Texans’ ability to find humor amid challenging weather situations. (See Cake)

 Texas Longhorns backup QB Arch Manning announced his inclusion in EA Sports College Football 25 after initially opting out of the video game, the first to feature active players. He released a commercial on X featuring his uncle Eli Manning. (See Commercial)

 British influencers trying Texas cuisine are going viral on social media. They sampled barbecue, Tex-Mex, and Whataburger, among other local favorites. (See Reactions)

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