Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Trump and Biden Visit Texas Border

President Biden and former President Donald Trump are planning dueling visits to the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas on Thursday. Trump is scheduled to be at Eagle Pass, while Biden will be about 325 miles south at Brownsville.

Biden is expected to push for the approval of a bipartisan border security agreement, linking border security with military aid allocated for Ukraine, Israel, and Pacific allies.

Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, called Biden’s border visit a “last-minute, insincere attempt to chase” Trump to the border.

Karoline Leavitt, Trump’s press secretary, said Biden bears full responsibility for what she deemed as the “most severe immigration crisis in history.”

Article Icon 1 Texas Defends State Law at Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Monday over the constitutionality of a 2021 Texas law designed to regulate social media platforms’ censorship of political content.

The core issue is whether the law violates a private company’s free speech protections guaranteed by the First Amendment. The Texas law prohibits social media platforms from banning users for their political views.

The social media companies’ lawyers argued their platforms should be granted the same free-speech protection as newspapers when curating content. However, Texas attorneys say these companies should be regulated as common carriers like utilities, with minimal say in choosing who gets carried.

Article Icon 1 Lunar Mission Forced to End Early

The Odysseus lunar lander built by Houston-based Intuitive Machines fell onto its side and will cease operation sometime today, several days earlier than planned.

Company officials said the Odysseus came in too fast while landing, causing one of its supporting legs to get caught on the moon’s terrain. It will remain in communication, powered by solar panels until the sun moves out of range today.

The partners in the venture had expected to receive updated results from equipment carried by the Odysseus until the end of the week, but that will be cut short. Intuitive Machines and NASA still retain contracts for future missions to the moon.

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Around Texas

➤ Arlington: The United States Postal Service is offering a $150,000 reward for information on the armed robbery of a mail carrier earlier in February. Authorities are looking for two men under 21 years old. (Video)

➤ Alice is now the home of Dollar General’s 20,000th store. Store management donated $20,000 to the local organizations and libraries to commemorate the achievement. (More)

➤ Big Bend National Park will close its western park entrance for emergency road repairs from February 26 through March 1. Hour-long delays are expected as work crews repair heavy erosion daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. (More)

➤ Huntington: School district officials will cancel classes on Thursday and Friday for students and staff to attend their high school basketball team’s state tournament in San Antonio. (More)

➤ Galveston: MSC Cruises and Galveston Wharves agreed to construct a new cruise line terminal. The $142 million facility is expected to begin operations in November 2025. (More)

Texas Sports

➤ Houston: The Texans are reportedly trying to sign Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans. The 31-year-old from Galveston is still performing as a top receiver in the NFL, but his age will likely prevent him from getting a top-10 deal. (More)

➤ The Dallas Cowboys are mourning the death of famed receiver John ‘Golden” Richards, who died of congestive heart failure at 73 years old. He’s famous for catching a pass that secured the Cowboys’ Super Bowl XII win against the Denver Broncos. (More)

➤ Texas City: Two local development companies have partnered to build a Sports Illustrated Resort near Galveston. Groundbreaking on the 200-room sports-themed resort is set for the third quarter of 2024. (Photos)

The Business Of Texas

➤ GM’s Cruise self-driving taxis are expected to start again in Dallas or Houston after suspending operations when one of its vehicles hit a pedestrian in San Francisco. Company officials plan to conduct manual testing before relaunch. (More)

➤ Fort Worth-based American Airlines failed its attempt to throw out a lawsuit by one of its pilots, accusing the airline of hiring managers who used an “environmentally sustainable” political agenda when investing America’s retirement funds. (More)

Austin: City officials recently canceled a $1.35M contract with the McKinsey & Co. consulting firm after internal disagreements. The firm was supposed to provide solutions to Austin’s homeless problem. (More)

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Et Cetera

New Braunfels has been named the top travel destination in Texas for 2024 by Texas Travel Awards for its blend of history and culture. (More)

➤ Houston: Residents are gearing up for the hundred-year anniversary of Memorial Park on March 9. The Memorial Park Conservancy will lead the free celebration and is expected to host live music, food, and family activities. (More)

➤ Arlington: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is hiring over 700 workers with starting pay at $13 per hour for their 40th season. Positions range from lifeguards to retail services, and the job fair will continue until Sunday at 4 pm. (More)

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