Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Supreme Court Sides with Biden

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court has granted a request from the Biden administration that will allow Border Patrol agents to cut razor wire along the southern border.

The 5th Circuit previously issued an injunction that prevented Border Patrol from cutting the wire, but Justice Barrett and Chief Justice Roberts broke from the more conservative wing of the court and voted to lift the injunction.

According to legal documents, the administration stated that razor wire hinders Border Patrol agents in carrying out their federal responsibilities.

Texas authorities argued that border agents cut the wire to assist groups crossing illegally before bringing them in for processing.

Article Icon 1 Heavy Rain on the Horizon

Now that the cold front is gone, a low-pressure system from the Pacific is causing widespread rain throughout Texas.

In central Texas and Houston, 3 to 5 inches of rainfall will likely cause flooding through Wednesday.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, road crews are prepping for the possibility of freezing rain.

Thunderstorms are likely along the I-10 corridor, and tornadoes are a possibility. 

Article Icon 1 Top 10 Best Texan Museums

If you’re a cultural and history buff, you might consider this list of the ten best museums throughout Texas.

While Space Center Houston lets you explore the stars, the National Museum of the Pacific War puts you into the oceans of World War II.

Check out the whole list to see if there’s a museum that fits your interests.

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Around Texas

The city of Fort Worth filed a lawsuit against Texas AG Ken Paxton, attempting to block the release of police department vehicle pursuit guidelines. The suit comes after two individuals died in police chases. (More)

San Antonio native and world’s youngest mariachi Mateo López performed a duet with Kelly Clarkson. The 11-year-old showcased his musical talent on The Kelly Clarkson Show. (Video)

Houston: A local metal band has apologized for throwing a severed pig’s head into the crowd. The band’s attempt at shock value was met with disgust on social media. (Video

The University of Texas in El Paso Aerospace Center received $83 million to build a new manufacturing district and aerospace research facility. The expansion aims to provide 17,000 new STEM jobs by 2030. (More)

Waco: After more than 20 years of business, the Sironia Boutique & Cafe will be closing on Feb. 28th. The closure comes after the sudden passing of co-owner Martha Sanders in May 2023. (More)

East Texas cold weather is increasing the “chill hours” that prepare fruit trees to bud when the weather warms, and growers in the region are anticipating a strong spring harvest. (Video

Texas Sports

Former Houston Astro Craig Biggio announced Ken Caminiti’s induction into the Houston Astros’ Hall of Fame at Caminiti’s daughter’s wedding last weekend. Caminiti passed away in 2004. (See Photo)

➤ Lubbock Monterey’s Aaliyah Chavez, the nation’s top-ranked junior basketball player, is among the top 26 Texas high school girls’ basketball prospects listed for 2023-2024. (See List)

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Darian Lassiter posted a viral video about the alleged disrespectful behavior of Green Bay’s players during the Packers’ wildcard matchup with the Cowboys. (See Video

The Business Of Texas

 Exxon Mobil filed a lawsuit over the weekend in an effort to bar activist investors from introducing a proposal to reduce emissions at the scheduled shareholder meeting in May. (More

Dallas-based Sunoco purchased NuStar Energy Monday in a deal valued at $7.3 billion. The acquisition will diversify Sunoco and provide access to 9,500 miles of pipeline and storage facilities. (More

The Board Room, a Tyler, Texas board-game cafe, is having a post-pandemic boom as customers seek a return to “social interaction.” Industry experts project board games to produce $26 billion in revenue by 2030. (More

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Et Cetera

 Levelland: A local catholic church is preparing 3,000 pounds of German sausage for the 39th Annual Sausage Fest on February 4th. The cuisine will also feature live music and a chance to win a 2023 Ford F150. (More)

Houston: An American Airlines flight was diverted to Houston due to an onboard oven fire. The Boeing 737 aircraft landed safely at George Bush Intercontinental Airport with no injuries. (More)

El Paso: Work will soon begin on a $5 million Star Ceiling, a 120ft collection of LED lights created by artist Leo Villareal. His inspiration was the city lights of El Paso and the night sky over the Chihuahuan desert. (Photos)

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