Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Abbott Responds to Court Ruling

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has posted a response to the Supreme Court’s decision allowing razor wire to be cut along the border.

This is not over. I will continue to defend Texas’ constitutional authority to secure the border.

The court’s decision was focused on a lower court’s injunction and doesn’t settle the matter; Abbott and the U.S. government will continue to battle over Texas’ right to place razor wire and whether Border Control can remove it. 

Some Texas Republicans, including Rep. Chip Roy, want officials to ignore the Supreme Court ruling and not allow Border Patrol agents to remove border wire. 

Article Icon 1 Judge Focuses on Texas Children

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Janis Jack pressured Texas Child Welfare officials to fix staff scheduling issues and improve the monitoring of foster children who are placed in unlicensed motels & rental homes.

The agency is reassigning 30 caseworkers to focus on “Children Without Placement,” often teens with trauma and behavioral needs who haven’t been placed in permanent homes—resulting in the children being exposed to unreasonable risk of harm.

Staffers have been working overtime to care for children without permanent placement, and the agency is experiencing low morale and high turnover as a result. 

Article Icon 1 Best Pizza in Texas

Who makes the best pizza in Texas?

Is it a Neapolitan style place in Houston—Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana? 

A wood-fired establishment called Vagaband Pizza in Abilene?

We won’t argue for our pick, but you can check out the list yourself and see if your favorite pizzeria made the cut. 

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The moment you see fire in your kitchen is a bad time to decide how you’ll deal with it.

If you’re dealing with an electrical fire, but you use a foam-based fire extinguisher, you’ll actually spark massive flames that can quickly electrocute you — or even explode.

If you’ve had a kitchen mishap and are dealing with a grease fire, and you use a water-based fire extinguisher, you’ll cause the flaming oil to splash and spread like napalm.

Instead of determining the type of fire and fumbling around with a heavy extinguisher (that you hope isn’t expired), you could have an all-in-one, lightweight, no-thinking-required solution standing by.

Just grab your can of StaySafe, aim at the base of the fire, and shoot.

Watch how it works

Around Texas

Trophy Club: A Navy SEAL recently lost at sea has been identified as Gage Ingram, a Trophy Club native. The sailor is one of two who presumably drowned during a naval operation near Somalia. (Video)

Uvalde: Families are demanding the resignation of County Commissioner Mariano Pargas for his leadership failures as acting Police Chief during the 2022 mass shooting. (More)

Amarillo is experiencing a shortage of court reporters. It’s usually illegal to proceed without a reporter, and Amarillo courts are operating with only a handful. To pass the test required to become a court reporter, students are required to type accurately at 225 words per minute. (Video)

Houston: Meteorologist Adam Krueger has been attracting attention for sneaking song lyrics into his weather reports. Bands such as Disturbed and Metallica have shown their love for his viral videos. (Video)

 Tyler: A 42-year-old man received a life sentence for shooting two dentists. The incident occurred after he was upset with the quality of work done on his dentures. (More)

Laredo: John Kazen was sworn in as a U.S. Judge for the Southern District of Texas, becoming the third in the region and the first new federal judge in 2024. (Video)

Texas Sports

Thirty-three points from San Antonio Spurs’ rookie Victor Wembanyama did little to stop Philadelphia on a historic Monday night. 76ers center Joel Embiid scored a franchise best 70 points in 133-123 victory over the Spurs. (More) 

Texas A&M’s winningest football coach, R.C. Slocum, will serve as the university’s interim athletic director while the search continues for a head coach. In his 14 seasons with the Aggies, Slocum collected 123 victories and 4 conference titles. (More)

The Edinburg High School cheerleaders are national champions once again. The Bobcats won their 9th consecutive title, 10th overall, at the National Cheerleaders Association High School Nationals in Dallas. (More) 

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The Business Of Texas

Construction on a 300,000 square-foot Margaritaville Resort is expected to begin in Galveston early this year. The $250 million deal will add 334 rooms, restaurants, and a water park to the beach community. (More) 

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines has approved a  five-year contract with its pilots union, which includes an immediate 29.15% pay raise and incorporates changes to scheduling, personal leave, and retirement benefits. (Video)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott accompanied a business delegation to Mumbai to reaffirm the state’s economic relationship with India. In the last decade, Indian companies have invested more than $1 billion in Texas. (More) 

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➤ Clean your glasses with aerospace carbon technology used by NASA. (Watch)

Even when traditional fire extinguishers do their job, they leave you with a giant mess of powder or foam to clean up.

StaySafe uses a clean, simple solution that can easily be wiped away after putting out the flame.

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Et Cetera

A Houston native is suing Macy’s & Sunglass Hut for $10 million—alleging wrongful arrest after a robbery in Houston. The lawsuit claimed the stores used facial recognition software to identify him as the robber, despite being in California during the crime. (More)

Austin‘s only indoor single-screen cinema has reopened after 13 years of closure. The Eastside Cinema aims to provide local cinema experiences throughout East Austin. (Photos)

➤ Sabar Barbecue, a Pakistani inspired food truck, arrived in Fort Worth last November. The son of immigrants, owner Zain Shafi serves flavors inspired by his childhood and love for traditional Texas barbecue. (More) 

The Polling Station

 Who is the best guitarist from Texas?

  1. Willie Nelson
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  3. Billy Gibbons
  4. Freddie King
  5. Other

Tuesday’s Results:

 What is the best part of Texan BBQ?

  1. Brisket: 50%
  2. Ribs: 26%
  3. Sausage: 10.1%
  4. Chicken: 7.2%
  5. Other: 6.7%
Texas Trivia

Which Texas university contributed the most officers to World War II?

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