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The Roundup

Article Icon 142% Chance Major Hurricane Hits Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast has a 42% chance of being hit by a major (Category 3 or higher) hurricane this year, according to a recent projection by forecasters at Colorado State University.

Last Tuesday’s report is an update to an April forecast that predicted above-average hurricane activity this season, with 23 named storms, 11 hurricanes, and five major hurricanes.

The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring a disturbance off the Yucatan Peninsula that could develop into the first named storm of the year and is expected to bring heavy rains to the Texas coast this week.

Article Icon 1Texas Tops List Of Most Disrupted Airports

Two Texas airports made a list of the top ten with the highest rate of flight delays and cancellations last month, according to an analysis by AirHelp, a travel claims management company.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport topped the list, with 45.6% of flights disrupted in May. Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport was next, with 40.6% of flights disrupted.

The study looked at airports with at least 10,000 departing flights a day.

Article Icon 1Report Details Congressional Business Expenses

A new database shows how much members of Congress spent on self-reported, taxpayer-paid business expenses last year. The amounts are categorized as lodging, meals, and incidental expenses.

Seven Texas House members landed among the top 100 spenders, including #12 Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-San Antonio), #18 Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Amarillo), and #19 Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo).

Gonzales spent over $25,000 on lodging and nearly $9,000 on food and miscellaneous expenses. Jackson reported $32,399 in total expenses, while Cuellar reported $32,300.

Reps. Colin Allred (D-Dallas), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Houston), Mike McCaul (R-Austin), and Keith Self (R-McKinney) reported $0 in reimbursed expenses last year.

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Around Texas

➤ Harris County: The Texas Supreme Court has extended an injunction on Harris County’s guaranteed income program, which would provide monthly payments of $500 to about 1,900 households in the county’s poorest neighborhoods. (See Details)

Austin: The city’s plan to build a light rail network hit a road bump Monday as Attorney General Ken Paxton moved to dismiss a case to determine the legality of the project’s funding mechanism as the trial was about to get underway. (More)

Southlake: The founder of the multi-campus megachurch Gateway has been accused of repeated sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl in the early 1980s, which Pastor Robert Morris characterized as “inappropriate sexual behavior with a young lady.” (More)

Fort Bend County: Taral Patel, the Democrat challenger for Republican Andy Meyer’s county commissioner seat in the November election, has been arrested for creating a fake social media profile to post incendiary comments about himself in an effort to generate publicity for his campaign. (See Photos)

El Paso: A woman is suing the Mexican resort where her husband was electrocuted by a jacuzzi with faulty wiring. Lizette Zambrano, who was also seriously injured, is seeking $1 million from the resort owner and the travel company that helped with the booking. (See Details)

Lubbock: Mark McBrayer won a runoff election against Steve Massengale on Saturday to replace outgoing mayor Tray Payne, earning 72 percent of more than 16,000 votes. The former city councilman promised to reduce crime, keep taxes low, and listen to citizens. (More)

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Texas Sports

The Boston Celtics beat the Mavericks 106-88 last night in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, winning their 18th title to break a tie with the Los Angeles Lakers for the most in NBA history. (More)

Texas A&M’s baseball team beat the Kentucky Wildcats 5-1 last night, earning two days of rest before a rematch against Florida or Kentucky tomorrow. The game was scoreless before the Aggies broke out in the sixth inning, scoring all five of their runs on four hits and three walks. (More)

➤ The Houston Astros released 37-year-old first baseman Jose Abreu last Friday, with $30.8 million remaining on his contract. The 2020 American League MVP was batting .124 with two home runs and seven RBIs this season. (More)

Yesterday’s results: MLBWNBA | NCAA Baseball

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The Business Of Texas

 Shrimping might be one of the most dangerous occupations, with alarmingly high fatality rates driven by dangerous working conditions, lack of proper safety measures, and insufficient regulatory oversight, according to a study by UTHealth Houston researchers. (More)

➤ Newly incorporated Avelo Airlines celebrated their first flight out of Houston’s Hobby Airport on Friday with live music and a water cannon salute. The Houston-based carrier now offers nonstop flights from its hometown to New Haven, Connecticut, with introductory one-way fares starting at $98. (See Details)

➤ Whataburger has filed a lawsuit against several North Carolina restaurants with similar names, such as What-A-Burger No. 13, alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition as the San Antonio-based chain expands into the state. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ The Texas Education Agency released the results of this year’s Grades 3-8 STAAR tests last Friday, noting student scores “reveal the significant gaps in mathematics achievement across our schools.” (More)

➤ A report by a Texas environmental group has linked SpaceX’s testing and launching of rockets in Boca Chica to a decline in shorebird nesting activity. (More)

➤ Barbecue pitmaster Grant Pinkerton was recently featured on The Dish, where he discussed overcoming addiction and opening Pinkerton’s Barbecue in Houston. The CBS News show also highlighted Arlington’s Ethiopian barbecue restaurant Smoke’N Ash BBQ and Tex-Mex staple Joe’s Bakery & Coffee Shop in Austin. (More)

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