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The Roundup

Article Icon 1Texas Coast Under Tropical Storm Warning

The Texas coast is under a tropical storm warning until Thursday as Potential Tropical Cyclone 1—which is expected to become Tropical Storm Alberto, the first named storm of this year’s hurricane season—churns toward Northern Mexico. 

Despite a projected landfall south of the border, coastal areas can expect sustained winds of 20-35 mph (with gusts up to 40-50 mph), up to 10 inches of rain, and a storm surge between 1 and 4 feet.

Cities in the Rio Grande Valley have been handing out sandbags in recent days to mitigate expected flooding.

Article Icon 1Pepper Ball Guns Used at Border

Texas National Guard members have added pepper ball guns to their arsenal, firing at people gathering near the border or attempting to breach concertina wire barriers.

The deterrent measure is part of Operation Lone Star, which has led to a 74% decrease in illegal border crossings, according to the Department of Public Safety. The operation has cost $11 billion so far.

Former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske warned that pepper balls can cause serious harm, citing a tragic incident where a young woman died after being shot in the eye.

The state defends the measure as an effective response to illegal border crossings and cartel activity, clarifying that soldiers are trained to avoid firing directly at people.

Article Icon 1Mental Health Support for Law Enforcement

A North Texas initiative providing anonymous, no-cost mental health assistance to law enforcement will expand statewide.

The Texas Blue Chip program allows officers to discreetly access counseling sessions using specially designed poker chips with QR codes linking to mental health providers.

The initiative addresses the mental health challenges faced by law enforcement, especially following traumatic events like mass shootings.

Texas recorded the highest number of law enforcement officer suicides nationally in 2022, with 16 lives lost. After the program’s North Texas launch, the number dropped to four the following year.

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The Flyover

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Around Texas

➤ The Texas Space Commission selected South Texas native Norman Garza Jr. to be its first executive director. An assistant vice chancellor for Texas A&M, Garza will oversee the commission’s $350 million fund to promote the state’s aerospace industry. (See Details)

➤ Austin: The University of Texas is laying off up to 20 employees in its marketing department to address “reputational issues and crisis management,” a likely reference to this spring’s pro-Palestinian protests. (More)

➤ El Paso: State prosecutors asked a judge Monday to shut down Annunciation House, an El Paso migrant shelter, because it allegedly harbors illegal immigrants. Paxton’s office has battled Annunciation House for months. (More)

➤ San Antonio: A two-star Air Force general is being tried by a military tribunal this week for an alleged sexual assault. Maj. Gen. Phillip Stewart previously commanded the 19th Air Force at Joint Base San Antonio. (See Details)

➤ Morton: Two crop-duster planes collided in mid-air last Friday, killing one of the pilots and sending the other to University Medical Center in Lubbock with serious injuries. The two Air Tractors were spraying a cotton field when the collision occurred. (See Photos)

➤ Houston: Federal prosecutors indicted 34-year-old Dr. Eithan Haim on Monday for sharing private patient information with a conservative activist while a resident at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Haim says he was acting as a whistleblower to expose the hospital’s use of puberty blockers to treat transgender youth. (More)

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Texas Sports

➤ University of Texas alum Scottie Scheffler has been named to the U.S. Olympic Team, becoming the first Longhorn golfer to represent Team USA in the Summer Games. He joins teammates Xander Schauffele, Wyndham Clark, and Collin Morikawa. (More)

➤ Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander was placed on the 15-day injured list Tuesday with a lingering neck injury, dealing a blow to the team’s depleted pitching rotation and putting Verlander’s 2025 contract in jeopardy. (See Details)

➤ Dia Bell, a four-star quarterback recruit and the son of former NBA star Raja Bell, committed to the Texas Longhorns. Ranked as the No. 21 overall player in the 2026 class, the Fort Lauderdale native chose Texas over Auburn, LSU, and Ohio State. (More)

➤ The Dallas Cowboys signed linebacker Willie Harvey Jr. as a free agent from the UFL, where he was named to the All-UFL team after leading the league with 76 tackles for the St. Louis Battlehawks. (See Details)

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The Business Of Texas

Galleria Dallas will be one of the first locations for Netflix’s new concept, Netflix House, which will feature a themed restaurant, retail store, and event spaces for immersive entertainment experiences based on popular shows. (See Details)

Six Flags is relocating its corporate headquarters from Arlington to Charlotte, North Carolina, following its July 1 merger with Ohio-based Cedar Fair. (More)

American Airlines formed a training advisory group after getting sued for alleged racial discrimination in removing eight Black men from a flight due to a body odor complaint. (See Details)

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Et Cetera

Texas restaurant-goers are considered decent (but not the best) tippers, with an average restaurant tip of 18.8% placing them in the middle nationally, according to a recent study. (See Details)

An asphalt roller went missing in Dallas. The sheriff’s office is searching for suspects and seeking public assistance in locating the stolen equipment. (See Photos)

Nobody showed up at San Antonio’s World Naked Bike Ride event on Saturday, a three-hour ride intended to protest oil dependency and body shaming. (More)

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