Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1 Houston Leads U.S. for Worst Truck Congestion

Texas has the most traffic jams for commercial trucking of any state in the country, with 13 different bottlenecks ranking in the top 100 for the most congested trucker roadways in America.

Houston leads the nation’s cities with nine different bottlenecks, including at I-45 at I-69/US 59 and I-10 at 1-45. Dallas was ranked 15th for the congestion at I-45 and I-30. You can see the Texas list here.

The American Transportation Research Institute’s ranking looked at over 325 spots on national highways. Though the single longest bottleneck in the U.S. is in New Jersey, no state has more places where freight trucks get backed up than Texas.

Article Icon 1 AG Ken Paxton Returns to Court

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton returns to court on Feb. 16 for another round of his securities fraud case, accused of misleading investors in a Collin County technology company before he became attorney general in 2015.

The case has been ongoing for years, with Paxton’s legal team repeatedly attempting to have the charges dismissed. The upcoming court appearance will focus on pretrial issues, including what evidence will be allowed.

Paxton’s supporters argue that the case is politically motivated, while his opponents emphasize the seriousness of the allegations.

Article Icon 1 Legacy Ranches Hit the Market

Four Texas legacy ranches have been put on the market by multi-generational families at prices going as high as $180 million. You can check out the properties here.

The 80,000-acre Turkey Track Ranch in the panhandle region holds the $180 million price tag, which includes mineral rights. Its sale would mark the end of a 120-year-old family legacy.

In the San Antonio area, the 3,630-acre Mt. Solitude Ranch is on the market for $80 million, while in the coastal region, the 1,300-acre Powderhorn North Ranch is priced at $5.4 million.

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Around Texas

 Fort Worth: The city’s school district has announced that it will begin cutting staff and budgets. This comes after $1.6 million was cut from the budget in 2023. (Video

 Fulshear: The City Council voted unanimously to oust city manager Jack Harper after a four-hour executive session that reportedly heard allegations about Harper not showing up for work. The complaints weren’t made public. (Video)

➤ Leander: City officials have announced that all residents need to sharply cut water use from 24 million gallons per day to 9 million due to water pipeline repairs by the Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority. (Video)

➤ Tyler: The Federal Trade Commission reported that “impostor scams,” where people pretend to be from a charity or other institution, are the highest-reported fraud cases in East Texas. Tyler and Smith County residents listed over 2,000 cases in the previous year. (Video)

  Lubbock: City Council members are set to vote on installing a “Baby Box” in the city. These boxes allow parents in crisis to drop off babies anonymously. This would be the third baby box in Texas. (Video)

➤ Corpus Christi: The US Coast Guard apprehended 26 Mexican fishermen for illegal fishing in federal water, resulting in the seizure of 1,300 pounds of red snapper and shark. (More)

Texas Sports

San Antonio Spurs’ rookie Victor Wembanyama dominated against the Toronto Raptors in a 122-99 win, scoring 27 points, 14 rebounds, and blocking 10 shots. It’s the second double-triple of his brief NBA career so far. (Video)

The Cowboys have hired Mike Zimmer as their new defensive coordinator for the upcoming season. Zimmer previously worked as head coach for the Minnesota Vikings. (More)

Lubbock: Texas Tech’s basketball team upset No. 6 Kansas 79-50 after the Jayhawks head coach was ejected from the game in the second half, the fifth road loss for Kansas. (More)

The Business Of Texas

➤ Arlington: The new Loews Hotel and Convention Center officially opened on Feb. 13, boasting 888 rooms and the largest ballroom in North Texas, measuring 51,000 square feet. (More)

➤ Austin: The biotech company Shattuck has struck a $227 million deal with Japan’s Ono Pharmaceuticals to develop new proteins to combat various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. (More)

 Laredo: Starting in June, Allegiant Airlines will provide direct flights from Laredo International Airport to Los Angeles, eliminating the hassle of connections and layovers for residents. (Video)

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Et Cetera

DFW Airport announced a new partnership with Qatar Air Cargo to deliver fresh flowers to north Texan residents. Each week, a Qatari 777 aircraft will transport 12 tons of flowers from Colombia to Texas. (More)

The San Antonio zoo is offering a unique and smelly gift idea for Valentine’s Day. For only $14.99. you can purchase hippo poop-scented candles. Hippos use their poop as cologne to attract mates. (Photos)

  Wichita Falls: Arrest documents shed new light on a woman who impersonated a nurse across north Texas. Jessica Judd allegedly stole a registered nurse’s license number to actually perform work herself as a nurse. It’s unknown if Judd has any medical training. (Video)

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What’s Your Favorite Classic Texas Song?

  1. Deep in the Heart of Texas: 33.9%
  2. Yellow Rose of Texas: 20.6%
  3. Waltz Across Texas: 19.5%
  4. Texas, Our Texas: 9.5%
  5. Red River Valley: 9.0%
  6. Other: 7.4%
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