Tuesday, July 2, 2024

The Roundup

Article Icon 1Supreme Court Rules on Texas Social Media Law 

In a unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court sent a case challenging a Texas social media law back to a lower court for further consideration.

The 2021 law, which aims to prevent social media companies from suspending users based on their political views, was blocked after a challenge from tech industry groups, who claimed it violated their free speech rights.

The justices criticized lower courts for not adequately analyzing the First Amendment implications of a platform’s content challenge.

Article Icon 1Texas A&M Chancellor Announces Retirement

John Sharp, the longest-serving chancellor in Texas A&M history, announced his plans to retire in June 2025.

During his 14-year tenure, Sharp has led the 11-campus university system through a period of growth and transformation. 

An Aggie alum and a former state legislator, Sharp oversaw A&M’s acquisition of Texas Wesleyan University’s law school, the building of a 2,000-acre high-tech research campus, and the College Station flagship university’s move to the prestigious Southeastern Conference.

I hope I’m remembered as the chancellor that made everybody realize that A&M ain’t nobody’s little brother anymore,” Sharp told the student newspaper on Monday.

Article Icon 1Amarillo to Launch Multilingual AI Assistant

The City of Amarillo will launch “Emma,” a digital assistant powered by generative AI, in October 2024, becoming the first local government to implement a digital human.

According to city officials, Amarillo has more refugees per capita than any other city in the nation, and about 24 percent of the population doesn’t speak English as their primary language.

Emma, capable of speaking over 90 languages, is supposed to help residents access public information and navigate the city’s website. See a video of Emma in action.

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Around Texas

➤ U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz recently discussed his proposed “TAKE IT DOWN” Act. The bill aims to protect victims of AI-generated pornography by penalizing the publication of deepfake porn and requiring social media platforms to remove it within 48 hours of being contacted by a victim. (More)

Arlington: Police are taking a second look at 20 deaths that occurred at five unlicensed assisted living facilities after the owner, 49-year-old Regla “Su” Becquer, was charged with murdering a resident. (See Details)

Brazoria County: Multiple fire departments and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service battled a 300-acre wildfire on the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge on Sunday and Monday. As of Monday afternoon, the fire was 80% contained. (See Photo)

Mission: The driver of an 18-wheeler died after veering off a highway and crashing into an unoccupied home. (See Photos)

Austin: Three people were sent to the hospital on Sunday after being injured by an “unruly crowd” that gathered to celebrate the University of Texas’ move to the Southeastern Conference. (More)

Livingston: The Lake Livingston Dam is at risk of a “potential failure,” according to the Trinity River Authority. Officials say the dam has been compromised by recent heavy rains and flooding. (See Details)

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Texas Sports

➤ The Rangers’ Wyatt Langford hit for the cycle for the first time in his career on Sunday. Langford launched a 404-foot bomb over Camden Yards’ infamous leftfield wall to complete the cycle in dramatic fashion. (See video)

The Houston Astros defeated the Mets in extra innings on Sunday, scoring five runs in the 11th inning to put them ahead 10-5. Trey Cabbage blew the game open with this two-RBI double. (See video)

Klay Thompson is signing a three-year $50 million contract with the Dallas Mavericks. The deal is part of a sign-and-trade that will send Josh Green to the Charlotte Hornets. (More)

➤ The San Antonio Spurs are signing NBA legend Chris Paul to a one-year $11 million deal. Paul will likely step into a veteran mentor role, aiding the Spurs in their rebuild. (More)

Yesterday’s results: MLB | WNBA | Copa América

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The Business Of Texas

 WorldSprings in Houston is set to become the country’s largest mineral springs resort, with 46 pools inspired by unique global destinations. Construction is scheduled to begin later this year, with a projected completion by late 2025. (More)

 Johnson Development Services is set to bring a 318-acre master-planned community to Hockley. The development will include 1,000 homes and 11 acres of recreational and amenity space. (See Details)

 A new disaster preparedness platform called BeforeDuringAfter launched to help Texas small businesses mitigate risks and recover quickly from emergencies. (More)

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Et Cetera

➤ A new study from Texas Real Estate Source ranks the San Antonio River Walk as the most “Instagrammable” tourist spot in the state, ahead of the Houston Zoo, the Alamo, and the Fort Worth Stockyards. (See List)

➤ Annette Addo-Yobo, a 2020 UTD grad who was born in Ghana and lives in Southlake, was crowned this year’s Miss Texas on Saturday. (See Video)

A “ghost ship” belonging to a 39-year-old Texas man washed up on a Pensacola beach more than two weeks after he was forced to abandon it during a storm in the Gulf of Mexico. Michael Barlow was on his way to Texas when the Coast Guard rescued him on June 1. (See Photos)

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